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Conservatives push for sweeping probe of COVID-19 response

Conservatives are calling for a sweeping probe of Canada’s response to COVID-19, but the Liberal government says wide-ranging hearings are impractical and could paralyze the work of civil servants responding to the pandemic’s second wave.
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  1. Avatar
    Royal Canadian Moose

    This is pointless. If the left didnt infect every facet of Canadian institutions, this would be a smart move. However, it will come down to leftist zealots investigating leftist zealots and coming to the conclusion that leftist zealots did nothing wrong.

  2. Avatar

    We need a new federal election with a 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' option on the ballot.

  3. Avatar
    คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบ


  4. Avatar

    Liberals are desperate and the NDP are propping them up…. pathetic…

  5. Avatar

    This lady is a pathetic…..lie…lie…lie…lie…lie…

  6. Avatar

    REMDESIVIR= is a broad spectrum anti-viral medication,
    Developed by the bio pharmaceutical company

  7. Avatar

    Okay, just black out where there is confidentiality of contract and release the rest (National security). These are documents that are available and just show to other MPs of the committee. The opposition have a right to participate and check the facts. Nothing wrong

  8. Avatar

    Give it up, Conservatives! You Can’t win!

  9. Avatar

    Who's here for the comments

  10. Avatar

    The government is hiding the facts that there has never been a Corona pandemic — only PCR tesing pandemic.

  11. Avatar

    "The "vaccine task force"???

  12. Avatar

    💯G2❤4❤ 2G💯

  13. Avatar

    Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. (AODA)

    Accessibility Laws and Regulations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Canada.

    I'm disappointed for not providing Closed Captions (CC) by CBC News at 9 pm EDT on behalf of Deaf viewers.

  14. Avatar

    Why don’t the liberals want the opposition to ask questions about health spending? Don’t tell me they have more to cover up.

  15. Avatar

    Conservative's always go on about "whataboutisms" but… thats literally what Michelle Remple just did. Someone should tell her that she doesn't ALWAYS have to be on the attack. It makes her and her party look desperate. Someone should also inform her that we are still in the middle of a pandemic and the 50% "under utilization" rate might possibly be so yanno.. peole don't get sick.

    She really is bad at her job. :/

  16. Avatar

    Also.. listening to the Conservatives taunt, jeer and heckle Christia Freeland is disgusting. What a childish group of people.

  17. Avatar
    That random man Bender

    Rye bread with peanut butter

  18. Avatar

    David Hurley, if the government wasn’t so corrupt, perhaps we wouldn’t need oversight. And I’m sure all other governments had a budget. So why not oversight on the trillions being spent.

  19. Avatar

    Conservatives are jealous of the support Canadians are giving PM

  20. Avatar

    Our government is corrupt, and so are all of the other choices we have in Canada. We are fked as a nation.<<<fact.

  21. Avatar

    What a bunch of crap!

  22. Avatar

    Michelle is fantastic!

  23. Avatar
    Classic Oilers hockey

    Fruit sticks

  24. Avatar

    We’ve been lied to for a very long time.

  25. Avatar

    They took too long to close the border to China back in January, and then to Iran and Italy. Liberal government was too slow to react

  26. Avatar

    "You can spin the Liberal lies." Yep, that pretty much sums up the state controlled CBC. De-fund the CBC.

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