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Conservative MPs back calls for a U-turn over free school meals in England during half term

A growing number of Conservative MPs are backing calls for a Government U-turn over free school meals during the half term break. (Subscribe:

Cabinet minister Brandon Lewis defended the move – saying it was better to provide help through local councils.

Boris Johnson is also facing criticism over the performance of England’s test and trace system – with suggestions that the Government is now considering reducing the 14 day quarantine for contacts of people who’ve been infected with coronavirus.
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  1. Avatar

    I appreciate the effort by the charity, but they are feeding the kids utter junk food. It's all crisps and sugary drinks…

  2. Avatar

    Rashford has shown them up for the scum they are

  3. Avatar

    Every time you call a Tory MP "SCUM!", God gives a child an empty tum. – seems legit :rolleyes:

  4. Avatar

    Billions for the "captains of industry"; tax breaks for billionaires from godforsaken countries who make London their home but we can't afford lunches for the children of the people who clean the toilets in parliament, care for the sick in our hospitals, collect the garbageat the crack of dawn from our mansions and castles but are barely able to afford a roof above their heads! What manner of people have we become? SHAME ON YOU TORIES!

  5. Avatar

    If you cant afford to give your kids squash, some fruit and a sandwich you shouldnt be breeding. How ever the government shouldnt let kids go hungry.

  6. Avatar

    Typical Tory mass bullshitery…I wonder if they will still be in power in the next electron…if they are, then we are all moronic souls!!!

  7. Avatar

    look at that mountain of crisps! come on, we can do better when feeding kids.

  8. Avatar

    Politicians see themselves as being the victims. Disgusting!

  9. Avatar

    😡IT IS AN UTTER DISGRACE that these so-called parents would rather spend 💷£12 (daily) on a box of Cancer-giving life-shortening cigerettes🚬 INSTEAD OF putting some more food in the 🧺basket/trolley🛒

    IT IS N⛔T up to the Government to feed the children of the irresponsible.

  10. Avatar

    Unpopular opinion but it should be the parent's responsibility to feed their children, not the government's, especially considering the fact they're school lunches, why would you expect to get them when school is closed

  11. Avatar

    easy to sit there and ask for calm when you got something to eat in the fridge. As always missing the grand scheme of things.

  12. Avatar

    Abstain – is not good enough. Voting for the bill – and then saying we think children should be fed over the holidays isn't good enough. Every single Conservative voted for this. EAT OUT TO HELP OUT – STARVE A KID TO SAVE A QUID!!!!!!!.

  13. Avatar

    Tobias Ellwood "I should have abstained" NO! You should have voted AGAINST the bill you festering buffoon! And as for deflecting the blame to Labour, why didn't YOUR party, the CONservatives, the party in power bring this bill before? Why wasn't this system already in place?

  14. Avatar

    So this is the lastest obssession with you weirdos, is it? Do you never notice that you're being completely manipulated?

  15. Avatar

    Dido Harding "has been a tremendous asset" by being a complete failure.

  16. Avatar
    Russian Métropolitan

    7000 pounds a day for useless greedy consultants and yet nothing for starving children. What an absolutely disgusting and despicable government

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar

    People who don't feed their own children should be prosecuted. Disgraceful. Fat mums STOP EATING ALL THAT FOOD.

  19. Avatar

    Ahhh ok so a multi billion pound contract for serco is ok…….hungry children not so much

  20. Avatar

    is it time for the countries of the european union to organize aid for starving English children?

  21. Avatar
    Dominus Lucretius

    Free meals and expenses for MP's but not for hungry kids . Bar stewards

  22. Avatar
    John Valean Baily

    'Disaster' Johnson.

  23. Avatar

    What?? So it’s labour’s fault that you voted against?? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣🤣

  24. Avatar

    How would they feel if it was one of there child or family member who was going yo bed hungry.
    The problem is they dont think because it doesn't effect them.
    Why blame a poor child that didn't ask to come into this world.

  25. Avatar

    maybe cut all westminster subsudies for mps…well we dont want them to get dependant on them ..do we, we are not the welfare state so why give…

  26. Avatar

    Hes pathetic! If you lived in northern ireland you'd get that treatment for far less! I couldn't imagine what people would do to you if they could see you voting against feeding starving kids.

  27. Avatar

    Literal quote "very generous" schemes to help people…during a pandemic, they think helping citizens with the powers invested in them is "generous"…this guy is literally smiling

  28. Avatar

    This boy Rashford is being played and manipulated. He s not particularly bright or articulate and has been hijacked by pressure groups and media to be the front face of a good cause.

  29. Avatar

    For anyone who is trying to deny that children are going hungry in the UK, I urge you to read this summary (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunger_in_the_United_Kingdom) as well as other articles online.

    It is a disgrace that this is happening in our country and its up to us all to demand it gets the attention it needs.

    Yes, we can all help out and many of us do. But the Government cannot pretend it isn't a problem.

  30. Avatar

    They just don't get it do they! Subsidised meals in Westminster for them; kids go hungry. Pay rises for them; no food vouchers for the kids. Millions wasted on Secro for tracing that doesn't work and they claim they can't afford it! They just don't give a damn. Tory Trash!

  31. Avatar

    Well if MPs weren't taking 3k pay rises and voting to not help families when people are losing jobs and having to try and survive on 2/3 wages then we wouldn't be calling you scum and cunts. Scummy cunts.

  32. Avatar

    Every time a Tory is called scum, an angel dies and falls from heaven.

  33. Avatar

    Food for MPs and Lords vs Children for 1 week. Shocking

  34. Avatar

    what a proper tory snob

  35. Avatar

    Tobias shut up, you are turning to be a disgrace
    Well done to Marcus, for showing the way to what a state is supposed to be, caring for the less fortunate, avoiding the law of the Jungle, ie the law of the Strongest. Tories will always be about the property sector, giving council estates to their developers mate to build luxury apartments.
    That is all, they care, Lo0ndon has been turned into a crane land…what the II world War didn't manage to di , they do all over the land…the crane invasion for their developers mate….that is ZERO for the actual PRODUCTION of a country. BUILD FACOTRIE NOT luxury apartments.
    Well done again to Marcus and his wonderful mother

  36. Avatar

    £63000000 of extra welfare money..
    92p each then.. we can't even split a boots meal deal 3 ways

    (I appreciate 63 million divided by the UK population doesnt accurately represent how the money will be used…. although the PMs being moaning his salary isnt enough)

  37. Avatar

    Marcus Rashford earns over £10m per year for doing nothing. He is basically a criminal.

  38. Avatar

    Typical Tory government, they never give a damn about anyone but the rich.

  39. Avatar

    "We didn't have a plan at all for feeding starving children but the real problem was Labour not doing our job for us!!"

    Yup, very convincing. Don't do enough to feed starving children, blame others and whine about how hard it is to be well fed well paid and called on your actions. Children can desperately have a lunch made out of Tory indignation.

  40. Avatar

    He doesn't like the criticism? Then serve the public not yourself. Absolute child. MPs need their food allowance taken away. Why do they even get it? They are compensated for their work more than enough to cover their own costs.

  41. Avatar

    Covid Hoax wakeup sheep

  42. Avatar

    I assume mr Rashford is putting some of his wealth into feeding children?

  43. Avatar
    Dimitare Nedeltchev

    Vote for a clown, get a circus.

  44. Avatar

    Is Tobias Elwood living in a copse?

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