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Connected | Official Trailer | Netflix

Science reporter and host Latif Nasser investigates the fascinating and intricate ways that we are connected to each other, the world and the universe at large.

CONNECTED premiers globally on Netflix August 2.


About Netflix:
Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 193 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

Connected | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Avatar

    Already love him, i mean it. Dope trailer

  2. Avatar

    Where's VINK

  3. Avatar

    GR Mom! Jen Golbeck! That's awesome!

  4. Avatar

    Can’t wait!!

  5. Avatar

    And I'm still waiting for Disney+ to come up with original content every week🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. Avatar

    Definitely gonna watch!!

  7. Avatar

    0:26 That was genuinely funny.

  8. Avatar

    yet humans remain disconnected with each other

  9. Avatar

    That’s good trailer

  10. Avatar

    Have been waiting four decades for something like this to take over from James Burke's Connections!

  11. Avatar
    Alejandro Gonzalez

    Love the animation!


    Nvm wrong “connected” trailer

  12. Avatar

    Big Jen Golbeck fan and the show looks awesome to boot. Can't wait

  13. Avatar
    Addison Cordova

    Whwn is the new season of stranger things coming?

  14. Avatar

    Now the world disconnected by a tiny virus

  15. Avatar

    This guy be shutting every stereotypical stupid

  16. Avatar

    I though it was the SONY animation film "Connected"

  17. Avatar

    Thought this was a trailer for his podcast “The Other Latif” 😅.

  18. Avatar

    nice! likea bunch of science videos on youtube but …with more production?

  19. Avatar

    Is there Arabic dubbing? , Because his name is Arabian name

  20. Avatar

    Cinematography got my eyes

  21. Avatar

    This is the Netflix version of Disney Plus The World According to Jeff Goldblum…I can dig it

  22. Avatar

    The Butterfly Effect

  23. Avatar
    Swapnil Malhotra

    Looks very much on the lines of Kal Penn's world-economy show on prime.

  24. Avatar

    Now this is something interesting 🔥

  25. Avatar

    And just like that, journalism goes to the next level. As a journalist, I am excited!

  26. Avatar

    This is literally amazing 🙌

  27. Avatar

    GR Mom!!! :44

  28. Avatar

    The butterfly effect 🦋

  29. Avatar

    Anyone else always shocked when you finally see podcast journalists for the first time? His work is great, I’m sure this documentary will not disappoint!

  30. Avatar

    Modern day reboot of "Connections" with James Burke

  31. Avatar

    He said his very South Asian name in the most American way possible

  32. Avatar
    Catalina Zúñiga

    Renew Anne with an e

  33. Avatar
    Jaswant Pardeshi

    When will this be available on Netflix India?

  34. Avatar
    Hasala Dananjaya


  35. Avatar
    Monsieur Godzylla

    des maths d'indoux. c'est quand etre geeks c'est sortir et decouvrir le monde pour etudier la nature? il faut pas etre raciste et le monde est formaté!

  36. Avatar
    Sandeep Giradkar

    Is he just gonna keep asking questions or gonna answer them too?

  37. Avatar

    my kind of show

  38. Avatar

    Netflix is like the Teacher who gives you assignments everyday when you're still trying to complete that 2 months old assignment.

  39. Avatar

    That is me at 0:47 talking about Benford's Law. The scene was filmed in the town square in Stresa, Italy at the second Benford's Law conference on 10-12 July, 2019. Speaking at the conference were all the heavyweight researchers in the field including Ted Hill, Arno Berger, and Steven Miller. The film crew followed us for two days including this one with me at the town square. I can't wait to see the episode!

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