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Confusion on Trump diagnosis after 'concerning' signs

The US president was given oxygen after he was diagnosed with the virus, but tweeted his thanks to medics on Saturday.

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  1. Avatar

    We need oxygen in California.

  2. Avatar
    Simma Kamlangdee

    Donald Trump didn't need 10 Doctors. He isn't in an Emergency.
    Bloody liar

  3. Avatar

    Rumours ahh. Wish tht was true due to his foolish behaviour at the debate n saying it bold to wear mask is stupidity n arguing with Biden. Boo 👎

  4. Avatar

    Omg I just saw it now on the news …. president Trump has passed away from C-19 RIP Don…God bless Ameriac

  5. Avatar

    He fakes it, just chicken out and cannot bear another lost in debate.

  6. Avatar

    We all know that he’s faking it just to avoid the debates and avoid getting whamed again by Biden

  7. Avatar

    The doctors also have to be careful what they say. It affects US and world markets. They will always be positive unless his condition gets very bad.
    PS: Media has are always looking for the worst possible situation and drama because they are competing against each other for viewers.

  8. Avatar

    All this threatical is an distraction nothing real. Is a distraction from what is real!

  9. Avatar

    Ah China got him

  10. Avatar

    More Con-vid bollocks.

  11. Avatar
    Bullet Sponge Gaming

    Wtf are those white jackets about? They work for nasa or something 🤔 all those insignia lol

  12. Avatar

    Funny how the fake media’s want to hear bad news. Otherwise it is a lie to them. Test where never reliables, repeat 3x and it will show different outcomes because there isn’t a gold standard. Trump will show the world that 99.7% cure exist and it was never a pandemic, Just a flu.

  13. Avatar

    What a lot of rubbish 24 hours a day all the news channels are the same milking this for all it's worth talking as if trump runs the world if he can't run America someone else will all this fuss really is annoying also all those world leaders sending their best wishes will be attacking him just as soon as he recovers that the way of the world sad isn't it another thing this election that is going on can't get that right reds under the bed and all of that and how come America has not got a health system that's free at the point of needing ????

  14. Avatar

    I didn't know that faking an infection to take the heat off your tax evasion was a symptom of Corona Virus.

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    The only one confused is SlyNews.

  17. Avatar

    Nice job Agent 47

  18. Avatar

    SlyNews UK is one of com-muni-st paid networks news.

  19. Avatar

    Donald trump knows everything there is to know about viruses…know one knows viruses like he does….

  20. Avatar

    Please note America….pride comes before a fall.
    I for one hope he falls and falls dramatically…..bad things happen to bad people

  21. Avatar

    All those doctors were CIA agents, they sent a full team to dispatch him. While one is injecting him with antibiotic treatments, it's really extra covid being put in, the tablets contain a catalysing substance, the antigen treatments are more covid injections, I think I did just see on a video an agent on the grassy knoll too outside the door

  22. Avatar
    Matthew Bevilaqua

    the only virus is in peoples brains

  23. Avatar

    Oh my God,,,What are the numbers???99.997 Survival Correct??End Of subject,,this is a joke the whole BS PLANDEMIC!!!It was created by China to take this country down ,to destroy our economy ,put it all on Trump ,,,This is all about the NWO ,the reset for the whole globe,,,people that don’t have their heads buried in the sand and actually pay attention and research know what the hell is coming .God wins!God Bless President Trump !God Bless to all

  24. Avatar

    Haha if every citizen in america can be like this, then I would support trump

  25. Avatar

    Why taking him to the hospital? Why giving him an experimental mix of antibodies? Why isn’t he at home with paracetamol and tissues? I was told by him it was just a flu but he is not behaving like it was…

  26. Avatar

    Now that he has Covid He finally called it “Plague” on Twitter…

  27. Avatar

    Why isn’t he taking hydroxychloroquine?

  28. Avatar

    Sky News = Fake news

  29. Avatar
    Dover One Foxtrot

    What do they take the people of the world for ?

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    It only takes on doctor to tell us, not a whole gang of drill ralpers in reverse colouring.

  32. Avatar

    Nice video! WILD Dog Fight! https://youtu.be/Ws4i9yXYRAw

  33. Avatar

    Trump has flouted science, social distancing and made a mockery of masks, deliberately refusing to wear one in situations where it was deemed necessary by hospital authorities.
    Trump during the onset of COVID-19 repeatedly lied to the American people about the severity of the virus, repeatedly thumbing his nose in the face of science with ridiculous pseudoscience claims that could potentially endanger others, over 200,000 American citizens are now dead with the numbers climbing.
    Statistics were not on Trumps side as he openly encouraged people to go to rallies without social distancing and other protective measures in place. He's now tested positive with the possibility of having spread the virus to countless others through his selfishness prior to diagnosis.
    Trump brought this on himself and he only has himself to blame due to his own arrogance and hubris. .. . . . . .

  34. Avatar

    The doctors are playing the trump game…… Playing it down

  35. Avatar

    WTF is wrong with these so called journalists. How Trump felt and how he was medically is common dumb asses

  36. Avatar

    Thought Sky did the UK news? There's a few pressing issues here before we start thinking about the US. Perhaps give Hancock a hand with basic number skills instead?

  37. Avatar

    My thoughts are with his doctors

  38. Avatar
    FBI - Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    These dudes walked out like a bomb or something went off

  39. Avatar

    He is fine like the millions who survive mild flu ffs get me of this planet.

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