Compact, colorful and portable – ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 | ASUS

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

The compact ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 adds a dash of vibrancy to your day with its quick-switch magnetic covers with multiple colors, and a handy strap that makes it easy to carry around. For safety and better hygiene, the covers include ASUS Antibacterial Guard treatment to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 also offers easily adjustable DPI levels for varying degrees of precision, plus 100% PTFE mouse feet for a smooth glide on any flat surface. #ASUSMouse #colorfulmouse #compact

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ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100:

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Fish N Steve January 5, 2022 - 11:13 PM

Haha. Cute. I want one UX 582 giveaway please.
Pretty please

Haruhi Chinen January 5, 2022 - 11:27 PM

Oh my god! So lovely. Wanna get one🥺

Arc Gamer January 5, 2022 - 11:37 PM

Pretty cool design

Sam Abtahi January 5, 2022 - 11:49 PM

We want Asus duo laptops

rjrex8 January 6, 2022 - 6:07 AM


Nabil Januar January 6, 2022 - 9:16 AM

Those mice are cute! 😄

TRUE ARMY January 6, 2022 - 12:06 PM

Do it have both Bluetooth& USB reciever ?

H Aaron January 6, 2022 - 7:32 PM


yuna kuo January 6, 2022 - 7:35 PM

Soooooo cute 🥰

Patricia Tsao January 6, 2022 - 8:21 PM


Rama Krishnan January 7, 2022 - 10:08 AM

Asus tuf to become best seller it need 3 thing
Type c 240w charger
Intel 12800H
4k 144hz ips or oled display

Zavery Johnson January 12, 2022 - 10:33 AM

I would love it if they released a true black one to match my laptop.

Star Tech Person January 12, 2022 - 4:48 PM

Wow very nice

Sahil Rangra January 14, 2022 - 4:22 AM

Please make a video on why you guys are selling spare parts more expensive than the actuall phone. my ROG 2 phone just feel from nearly 1 feet orr less and my phone didn't even recived any damage but still my phone was not able to survive that 1 feet 😅 do you guys even use gorilla glass orr just making us fool but I don't know how you guys can say this statement (you are lucky to have ASSUS product) STOP this facke advertisement
Now i am thinking why the f**k i trusted you guys and wasted my money i want to repair it but you guys don't even have a service centre in 150km radius. #ASSUSINDIA

Nick330 January 15, 2022 - 11:08 AM

its so cute! its so fluffy and compact looking, i know what to get for my new laptop!