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Commemorative 'Trump defeats COVID' coins are being sold for $100 | USA TODAY

You can celebrate President Trump surviving COVID-19 by preordering a $100 commemorative coin.
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You can buy a $100 coin commemorating President Trump surviving COVID-19, available for preorder on the White House Gift Shop website.

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  1. Avatar

    Trump didn't defeat COVID-19. It was top-notch healthcare & special treatments that 99%+ of Americans don't have access to. Notice how fast the little bone-spur boy ran to the doctors for his special medicines instead of just toughing it out like most Americans have had to do.

  2. Avatar

    Hold the presses on that one. Still tbd

  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar

    Trump don't have Covid-19. This was a scam from the start that helped change the conversation about how awful his debate was, get some sympathy, and sell these worthless coins. I hope he gets it for real though.

  5. Avatar
    christopher graziano

    I dont even like to give stupid videos like this views but I came here just to say this man is really trying to make a joke out of a serious pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands after he is the one that botched it and is trying to use it as a ruse to not only get sympathy votes but to encourage his already weak following into actually thinking covid is not that serious and then try to profit off of it as well… This man makes me regret being an american… And I served 3 tours to fight for this nonsense……

  6. Avatar

    Did he have these coins minted already?

  7. Avatar

    One big ol' PR stunt.

  8. Avatar
    Ayanna Fraley Moore

    Please understand: Trump DID NOT defeat the Coronavirus!!!!!

  9. Avatar
    Micheline Thomas


  10. Avatar

    I wonder which one of his children started this scam. Follow the money.

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    He thought he was above this illness and that he couldn’t get it… His narcissism is why he is now sick… No one targeted him… Fools the lot of ya, so easily manipulated 😂🤣😂🤣

  13. Avatar

    Just like his dumbass daughter telling Americans to "Start something new" after they've lost their jobs. This moron does not understand not every American has access to the best medical facilities in the world nor are they flown to the hospital a day after being diagnosed with the virus. A complete disconnect from the reality that us "commoners" live in.

    That is if the entire thing isn't a hoax so he can distract from his complete mishandling of the crises that cost 210,00 American lives.

  14. Avatar

    remember people he is a reality star and what better way to hypnotize his cult followers then to act like he is god and pretend he had covid and beat it . every single country has clearly stated that a person must self quarantine for two weeks and he only did it for three days seriously how stupid is that

  15. Avatar

    I disliked the poster, not the message

  16. Avatar

    To the dismay of the commies!

  17. Avatar

    what an idiot!!!

  18. Avatar

    The best medicine if you're the president us Average Joe's fight for life

  19. Avatar

    The coin should show him standing on the graves of 210,000 Americans who died of COVID to be accurate.

  20. Avatar

    Where's the Video of the actual Treatments……Injections

  21. Avatar

    Trumps new message vote for me I am Covid

  22. Avatar

    What a lovely time to be alive

  23. Avatar

    Just ordered mine !! Too bad all u sheep want to be beaten.

  24. Avatar

    You people are just as dumb as people who would buy coins from me if I made a website called "ObamaAdministration" and the coins said "We created Russia Gate"…. I … Can….'…t………E..v..e….n……..

  25. Avatar
    Charissa Walters

    A national coin shortage and the spare change is wasted on this bullshyte of a fake president with an illness that never happened. Ole vagina neck is at it again😡

  26. Avatar

    President Super-Spreader still cares more about money and ratings than he does about people safety

  27. Avatar

    that 20% should go toward Trump funeral. I believe his death can save more life than that 20% can achieved toward cancer study.

  28. Avatar

    Herman Cain was fine then three weeks later he was DEAD! TRUMP IS A FKNG LIAR! He doesn't care about you. He just wants the market to stabilize so he can SAY WE'RE FINE. TRUMP'S A LIAR!

  29. Avatar

    Giorno simply let his soul stay in his body a little longer.

  30. Avatar

    There are no depths too deep…..

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