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Colorado Fires Threaten Thousands | NBC Nightly News

The CalWood Fire in Boulder County burned more than 8,000 in acres in less than 24 hours. The entire community of Jamestown was forced to evacuate.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Colorado Fires Threaten Thousands | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    Evil hands behind this. Evil agenda.

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar

    Forest fires are terrifying. I met one in New Mexico, and I never want to see another one.

  4. Avatar

    trump is going to tell you you should have raked the forest.

  5. Avatar

    this is too crazy..

  6. Avatar
    Concerned Citizen

    Did they forget to rake the forests in Colorado too?

  7. Avatar

    They are probably burning up alot of weed.

  8. Avatar
    Ren1995link Morales

    Why not set the whole world on fire?

  9. Avatar

    I have spare bed room for 2 girls in Dallas Texas.

  10. Avatar

    is most of Colorado forest and land state or fed land ?

  11. Avatar

    Climate change is real people! I was lucky enough to live in beautiful Colorado, home of the Rocky Mountains and saw firsthand 15 years ago what the pine beetle was doing to the trees encompassing the Rocky Mountains. They survive the winter because of higher temperatures, which allows them to bore out the tree, leaving it for fire kindling, before moving onto the next tree. If America was smart enough to read a thermometer, they would understand this! But most believe in fictional religion, versus factual science!

  12. Avatar

    I hope Matt and Blue are ok. Crow too of course!

  13. Avatar

    Democrats are starting fire they call it global warming

  14. Avatar

    You've got to rake the forest!!! Nobody listens these days 😔

  15. Avatar

    Trump is destroying the US by denying climax change just as the covid virus.

  16. Avatar

    Who gives a 💩 🤣😆😂 Just like trump re-election (Going up in Flames 🔥) Karma B****💁🏼‍♀️

  17. Avatar

    Looks like the movie 2012 was off by like 8 years lol

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Not again!!! First fires in California and in Oregon. And now this!!! We lost our house in one of these fires. 2020 keeps just giving more gifts pt the terrible. Pray for all affected. Including for us. We need all the support we can get. Also, for those who lost their homes like we did. We wish you Godspeed.

  20. Avatar

    Lord, this is crazy. Was going to move from SoCal to Boulder. Scratch that.

  21. Avatar

    Why No Wildfires Ever In The Mid West ?…Anyone ?

  22. Avatar

    I hope the fires get those stupid billboards that say dump on them

  23. Avatar

    Those Are To Be Tormented & Literally Beg For Their Own Deaths & Those With The Seals Of GOD Will Not Be Harmed As It's Written In Revelations !

  24. Avatar

    RED state wave coming. Nov 3rd 2020 Landslide Trump

  25. Avatar

    Let's look at this logically Biden and son exposed for what they are. New fires erupted quensidence ya right.

  26. Avatar

    People are new to this ecology.
    To a certain extent fires are an evolved aspect of the ecosystem in these arid regions.
    The real solution is that people will have to architecturally plan for a potential mass incineration event….. in the same way some houses on flood plains are constructed on stilts.

    One idea nay be to build half the house or more UNDERGROUND.

  27. Avatar

    Keep denying the issue of climate change much longer and we won't a planet habitable for humans.

  28. Avatar

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  29. Avatar

    Not Colorado 😢

  30. Avatar

    Did someone do another gender reveal party?

  31. Avatar

    I'm in norcal and we just had huge fires. It sucks and I feel for you

  32. Avatar

    Hope Trump doesn't cut off funding

  33. Avatar

    Where I grew up, the ski resort used to open by Halloween most years. Now they're lucky if it's open by x-mas.

  34. Avatar

    The only raking Trump really cares about was raking money in from campaign donations!

  35. Avatar

    According to the America's most wise man said, they should clean leaves.

  36. Avatar

    I can't believe the stupid comments in this section. People have no clue of the terrain, the trees and the dryness in the Colorado mountains this year.

  37. Avatar

    Atheists playing with matches…can you say ANTIFA!

  38. Avatar

    Better to show the fire than the smoke.
    Trump will claim it's clouds and that the yearly monsoon season in Colorado, caused by the Baltic Sea and Victoria Falls, will put out the flames. No need to worry, no need to do anything.
    If there are, it's the Dems fault for not raking their homeland.

  39. Avatar

    Remember, you have to ask twice for disaster classification….like some demented Beetleguese……

  40. Avatar

    🙏😔 prayers for Colorado.

  41. Avatar

    There seems to be alot of wild fires. I wonder why?

  42. Avatar
    Sharilynne Crocker

    Prayers go out to Colorado.

  43. Avatar

    Vote Trump 2020 – I'm Covid-19 and I approved this message.

  44. Avatar

    Man made most likely antifa again

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