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Collins blasts Schiff for undermining Trump’s handling of coronavirus

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is calling for an independent investigation into the COVID-19 response; Republican Rep. Doug Collins responds.

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  1. Avatar

    All shifty can do is investigate stuff. What a bore!!

  2. Avatar
    Wilhelm Schmidt

    Haman, err Schiff, no I mean Haman will get the Justice he seeks and
    deserves, personally. May justice find you Haman! No one is above the

  3. Avatar
    Wilhelm Schmidt

    Haman, err Schiff, no I mean Haman will get the Justice he seeks and
    deserves, personally. May justice find you Haman! No one is above the

  4. Avatar
    Wilhelm Schmidt

    Haman, err Schiff, no I mean Haman will get the Justice he seeks and
    deserves, personally. May justice find you Haman! No one is above the

  5. Avatar

    Over 400,000 today

  6. Avatar
    Russell & Sue Osborne

    Schiff is a Hitlers clone !!…a deranged lunatic !!….Just needs a Mo in the mail !!

  7. Avatar

    Someone slap the smirk off of his demonic face

  8. Avatar

    Adam Schiff is a liberal Democrat pathological liar 🤥 that hates President Trump. Schiff needs to be voted out of office in the next election Adam Schiff is a national disgrace, so is Nancy Pelosi,Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer, maxine Waters, AOC, to name a few.

  9. Avatar

    Look at the Grinch thumbnail

  10. Avatar
    Raymond Shaffer

    Schiff was that guy that was pick on his entire life.
    Politics saved him in the fact he has a voice not that anyone wants to listein too but we are forced too.
    Notice when ever schiff says the word fact what follows is falsehood.
    Schiff does not understand fact from fiction.
    Complete idiot.

  11. Avatar

    Yeah mister Schiff you had a hand in all of this too. Like why didn't you take steps to ground the cruise ships and pleasure flights? They spread it around and continued doing so until April. And the government's screening programs for world travelers FAILED. But we didn't hear a word from you. Congress is suppose to represent the people of the United States too.

  12. Avatar
    t. lawrence shannon

    adam schitt is sleazy.

  13. Avatar

    Go away you fool

  14. Avatar

    Hey Shifty, your also the ONE who said you had clear evidence of Russian Collusion. Yeah, right. Go away Bug Eyes.

  15. Avatar

    Schiff's picture should be in the dictionary next to the term "severe personality disorder" and "Psychological projection disorder". It's no wonder mentally ill people don't get help…..those making the rules are sicker then they are.

  16. Avatar

    it's hard to tell by looking at a person if they are crazy but it's easy to look at someone and tell they are BAT SH*T crazy. Just look in their eyes……Look at Shiff's eyes.

  17. Avatar

    He needs to GO and now! Honestly do they think they are winning votes pulling this crap? Right up to even blocking the vote today for more money on the small businesses in USA. I can't believe what is going on and even more so cannot believe that we are not putting a stop to this B'S that is ruining our country! I do believe that we are within a few steps of being in a civil war.

  18. Avatar

    My opinion – Shifty Shiff should be charged with Treason !!!

  19. Avatar
    Hope for the Best

    Why isn't congress put under oath as a natural course of business. Maybe because Schiff would really be in trouble.

  20. Avatar

    When you have China in there back pockets, your not going to bite the hands that feed you are you Nancy,Adam and Chuckie, MAGA

  21. Avatar

    Schiff TOTAL a-hol

  22. Avatar
    Glenn Richardson

    9 years per life, Schiff would be gone forever.

  23. Avatar

    Deport Shiff, Pelosi and Shumer

  24. Avatar

    We need Schiff out and his corrupt friends!
    All Schiff is willing to do during this crisis is another impeachment!
    The DEMs are trying to do another impeachment sham to hide Their inability to put forward a good candidate!
    Time to vote these people out of office! TRUMP 2020!

  25. Avatar

    Why are we listening to Adam “Shif” for brains. Hasn’t he failed enough? In the real world someone like this would be fired!

  26. Avatar

    The Democrats are the biggest security risk to America.

  27. Avatar

    Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon get ready for the big event Hallelujah John 3:16. Warning do not take the RFID chip in the hand is not from God.

  28. Avatar

    Adam Schiff must be constipated because he's full of shiff

  29. Avatar
    noneofyour bussiness

    will someone fire that idiot

  30. Avatar

    What next pandemic? Last one was a 100 years ago!! We're not expecting another i hope.

  31. Avatar

    I think shiff is shiff out of luck in layman terms heads are going to roll y'all have a great morning

  32. Avatar

    When is this tool Schiff going to be removed he has no weight to his words, he is a decisive snake that should not be anywhere near a pen or anything that can allow him to write on paper or speak.

  33. Avatar

    Where was Pencil Neck if he was so concerned. He should be investigating China. Schiffty Schiff is the most anti American and leaker in the Senate. Why hasn't Schiff been charged and indicted. He's the first that needs to go. 😎✝️🇺🇸

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