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Colin Kaepernick calls out NFL: 'Stop running from the truth, I'm ready'

Colin Kaepernick has said he is ready to play in the NFL after a long awaited tryout at an Atlanta high school on Saturday. ‘I’ve been ready for three years. I’ve been denied for three years,’ said the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who made headlines by kneeling at games during the US anthem to protest against racial injustice. Kaepernick has said that teams were not willing to sign him to distance themselves from the protests, which US president Trump criticised as unpatriotic and disrespectful
Colin Kaepernick ready to play for any team after abruptly moved tryout

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    where did he get that accent? he grew up with a middle class white family from Wisconsin. I actually used to think this guy was great, but he seems like such a faker now

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    Attention getter

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    Imagine being so woke you forgot to fix your hair this morning

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    😂🤣 This new accent is just awesome

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    NFL…….. Stop running and stop being scared to take up the fight against police killings of unarmed black civilians. Two people recently were killed inside their homes. Stop running, stop being scared….NFL

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    Imagine getting emotional over a flag than getting emotional over actual American human lives that are avoidably lost time and time again… the yanks really are special breed. It's a disgrace how NFL clubs lack cojones to sign Kaepernick and defend his right to protest PEACEFULLY. What happened to freedom of expression?? The US are hypocrites and a laughing stock!

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    Now somebody that grew up in Wisconsin wants to pretend he's a bro from one of the neighborhoods on the coast huh? Your 15 min of fame is up shitbag! So run back to whatever "hood" will have anything to do with your "I'm-one-of-bro's" attitude cuz nobody gives a damn if you ever play again ya worthless wanna-be!

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    His gut isn't ready for the NFL.

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    you're a loser. please go away. media — please stop giving this self-aggrandizing jerk any attention.

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    The one that is running from the true is Colin Kaepernick…. WASTE OF TALENT

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    What a clown!

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    The mannequin finally speaks, and he still has nothing relevant to say.
    Stop running from what Kaepernick, the NFL already settled with you.
    Do you hear his marxist rhetoric, "the people", and thanking the liberal media, who have been on his side since he was given the order to kneel.
    Knock it off already.

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    Nobody want your poison. Insidious cretin.

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    He gota accent now?

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    Totally misguided by Nike business stances

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    Love you bro keep it up

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    He was doing this for a cause ! Now do you get it? 🤔Everyone turn their back on this great QB! Shame on you NFL for letting him go ! Shame ! Shame! Shame! 🤬

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    Leonardo Hernandez

    How does everyone look now?

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    Hmmmm now with everything going on now yall listen now wont yall

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    He went 1-10 he’s trash. He became a drama queen after he got benched.

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    Nah you can be ready all you want dosent change the fact you disrespected the flag must be nice to have freedom of speech and disrespect the people that fought for it no thanks.

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    Super Duper Paratrooper

    This guys a joke.

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    I hope you keep getting denied

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