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Cold, flu or COVID-19? How to tell the difference

With the cold and flu season ahead of us in Canada, and with the ongoing global pandemic, a sore throat or runny nose may have people wondering whether they have just the seasonal sniffles or if they’ve contracted COVID-19.

As coronavirus cases rise, it’s important to tell the difference between the symptoms of a common cold, influenza and COVID-19.

But self-diagnosis can only get you so far. Emanuela Campanella explains what to look for and the importance of testing.

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    Leave A Msg User Is Offline

    How bad can it be when you have to get tested to find out if you have it? It can't be that bad for healthy people.

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    Even if an individual gets a symptom that they wouldn't typically get when sick, we have yet to hear any balanced media coverage of the source of Covid. Why not interview Rocco Galati who is a lawyer back east suing the Gov etc due to the covid response, or how about Dr Li Meng-Yan who recently went public about this being a man-made issue. What are you afraid of Global? Will a balanced view disrupt the agenda you're instructed to push? Why no media coverage from the opposition after at least half a year now?

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    If you want to know why the numbers keep going up, just read these idiotic comments by online “experts”…
    I think I’ll trust the real doctors.

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    You guys left out allergies.

    Stay safe, stay sane, be well

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    Kœnchok Palden Tengye

    Google Event 201 people. Do your own research.

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    Here's the difference……COVID is a FRAUD and does not exist. There is ZERO isolation data proof its even real and it's FAKE CASES come from the FAKE FRAUD PCR test……

  7. Avatar

    Fun fact. The yearly flu that everyone gets a shot for? And thousands die from? That started as a similar covid like viral pandemic in the 1960's. It eventually mutated and evolved and traveled into what it is now. The flu.

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    change thecurrent

    Article 6 of the 1945 IMT Charter (Nuremberg Codes) provides: The following acts, or any of them, are crimes coming within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal for which there shall be individual responsibility: (c) “ Crimes against humanity ” namely … inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war.

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    change thecurrent

    “Social Distancing” was invented by the CIA as a torture technique 70 years ago. Brainwashing and forced inoculations are war crimes also.
    Masks are an occult symbol of submission to the master. No masks are necessary since there is no virus, only PROPAGANDA.

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    change thecurrent

    their is no difference. its just a cold……..

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    Sebastian Pająk

    If you have no symptoms – it's covid-19

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    Annette Melnychuk

    People also need to know that some of those symptoms are caused by a different conditions. Trust me on that!

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    What i got out of this: you only have covid if the test comes back positive, but you dont go get a test until you feel symptoms. But the most transmitable time of covid is before you get symptoms, but also after you show symptoms.
    But symptoms of the flu and covid are very similar so you wont know, so the most important thing is to self isolate, but make sure you go get tested to make sure it isnt covid and just a flu, but get a flu shot so you dont get a flu because covid is more transmitable then a flu. Even if you have a flu dont leave your house because u can still get covid.

    So basically just dont get a test and you wont have covid, just a minor flu

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    Covid and the flu have the same symptoms and it's impossible to distinguish without testing. Interesting… 1:45

  15. Avatar

    There is no difference. Canada is a joke

  16. Avatar

    So they want EVERYONE to self isolate and TEST at ANY slight symptoms or colds or flu?? 😂 NO, THANKS!!!

  17. Avatar

    If you take the flu shot, you WILL test positive for Covid. So, it's a NO from me 😉

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    They should tell the truth COVID is not dangerous health care are lying
    Fake COVID

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    "but uniquely a lost of the sense of smell and taste"

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    Without identifying the care facility I service, I saw a staff member arriving with sniffles and sneezes. She was blowing her nose into a napkin. I bluntly asked "COVID19?" to which she replied "No, it's just a cold." I asked her if she was tested and she said she wasn't. A few days later the facility declared an outbreak. It's incumbent on management to step in and end this madness. People are generally stupid. I couldn't say anything because I wasn't directly employed by the facility.

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    Name one healthy man or woman that shook someones hand, got sick and died of CV19. 
    If this virus was a pandemic, we would all personally know a lot of healthy men or women that have died from CV-19. 
    I don't even personally know of one old personl, fat, sick, or nearly dead man or woman that has died from this. 
    With that said, old people die everyday, fat, and sick people die everyday. 
    IF this was NOT a hoax…..NONE of us would go out in a public space and you all know it!. 
    We wouldn't be wearing a dust mask or surgical mask that by the manufacturers own statements do nothing to protect the wearer against a virus, we would be wearing a fully encapsulated suit with a positive pressure air system like a Scott Airpack. But that is not what we have. Overwhelmingly, people are not afraid to go out, they wear a mask as a social statement of compliance, they still meet in public, go to work, shopping, go to restaurants, go to the beach, actively participate in riots and social manipulation like BLM riots and fail to social distance. NONE of that would happen if this wear a real pandemic!!!!! The deaths would be off the charts. 
    Instead we have a virus that has a 99.98% recovery rate, the virus can be killed with hand washing and home made hand sanitizer, you have protection apparently by wearing a homemade face diaper. The cherry on top is that you need to be tested to find out if you are sick because 99% of us would never even have a symptom.
    Wake up, you are being scammed and lied to!

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    In Jehovah's new world sickness will be eliminated and even death will be no more. Jesus even resurrected an army officers daughter without even seeing her! Take an online Bible course at JW. ORG you will not be disappointed!

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    Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd

    Unfortunately it’s not possible for everyone to self isolate for 14 days every time they get the sniffles. A lot of work places only allow a handful of sick days per year. If you get 2 flus then that’s 30 sick days off work. Good luck doing that without getting fired. Tough times right now and this winter is going to be a tough one for all of us.

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    So you cant tell the difference easily between the cold, flu, or covid. So has the pandemic ended. Because I'm not panicking and I don't see an epidemic around me..

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    Just get tested. Its the only way to know when you're in te mild symptoms range. When you're not, trust me, you'll know you have covid-19. But get tested, get tested and for the love of God get tested!

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    No news no problem

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    So basically covid is the flu

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    Laika_Valli Lemonchik

    Dr Judy Mikovits

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    You can’t get COVID if you don’t take the test..
    say no to forced vaccines which is coming soon. 😯

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