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CNN’s NY offices evacuated over bomb threat

CNN’s New York offices and studios have been given the all-clear after evacuating due to a phoned in bomb threat. #CNN #News

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    whow guys slowdown just cap lemon's anderson's cuomo's(only 1) knees and do your time!! nobody needs to die YET. (this is sarcasm)

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    The threat was probably called in by Dawn Lemnian's illegal migrant man-made, just to drum up more fake news.

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    Anything to expect from the blackwater mercenaries the coming weeks or months? The bikers for Trump? From the veterans there is nothing to fear, they have seen through Trump.

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    Trump's Whitetrash religious BIGOTS and Supremacists trying to prevent The Free Press from SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER? … 🤔

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    The times we live in…A bomb threat occurred in the most promoted city and no one gave a shit.

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    Maybe CNN should be more careful with their own incendiary headlines. Words matter.

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    it should be left shut down garbage biased news

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    So the angry white man threatening CNN is showing us that Don Lemon was right about angry white men. LOCK THEM UP!

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    no offense but cnn had it coming.

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    The Cartoon Network gets higher ratings and is less fictional.

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    The irony of this is people still don’t get that a bomb threat is MORE threatening when there is NO BOMB THREAT AT ALL.

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    Ow no poor don is out in the cold! , are you ok?, are you scared?, maybe I can get you a blanket? Something to keep you warm like trumps giant balls!!!

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    Knowing CNN this is probably a fake crime scene along with fake police and ow wow looky here!
    Fake lights and sirens!!!, the effort here is much more extravagant than some of the props and scenes you guys made in the past, it's almost as if you guys want people to believe this one, especially if a trump supporter is behind it!, just curious what does a fake crime scene permit cost because I've been thinking about faking news stories too so I'm kinda scouting around getting ideas taking it all in.?

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    I recognize a fake crime scene from a mile away!

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    Who called it in indeed? Could it have been don lemon!! hiding in the library with the candle stick and a cell phone!!!!!!!!! It make scents considering it makes for a good headline ??? But what am I saying CNN wouldn't allow such a thing like that .

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    Ow wow I didn't see that before !!! A fake police car too !!!!! Don you really outdid yourself this Time!!

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    Don't have much to do today so I thought I would just stop by and say fake news!!!

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    Just to let everyone know Im a Fake crime scene specialist and I was hired by CNN to call in a fake bomb scare and I think this is it right here, cool it's nice to get some recognition for my work!!!

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    fuck don lemon he a black racist fagot

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    CNN fake evacuation because ratings are going down again unlike Don Lemon who's going down on his now husband Tim Malone 🔥☜🙄 Just say'in

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    Hmmm they can't trace the call? What a joke.

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    Looks like Don Lemon being racist had some consequenes?

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    Don RUPAul Lemonheads show is the literal meaning of bomb threat. #NOONEWATCHESTHEIRCRAPTOCARE

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    This is what happens Don when you commit TREASON. It punishable by death.

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    So what happen when this comes out as a hoax?

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    The people who do this are not concerned about the human and humane considerations. 😥 and 😷!

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    1 week ago
    Maybe CNN was getting raided by the FBI? I didn't see the bomb squad. ,,yeah right

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    Some Safety stuff.. TGB the way i mean it.

    First thing first. How many of you have ever signed for a package for your building, office or network. <— so that when a threat becomes pretty real..

    As for the school systems, they dont exactly have mail room set up, but i dont know the detials. But a building sweep is neccessary in those places.

    I think whats happening, is there is some secrets, that some people in intelligence committee's are hiding, about the use and advances of technology… So DOJ, the ones that are on the T.V. with big maps out, making a stradedgy for contianing this, i would suggest, you demand to know from "federal authorities" what it is im talking about. "technlogy advancements" Before this things grows even more into a bigger secret so to speak, well technically its already grown, and you should be pissed of about it, and being kept in the dark. theres about 10,000 people in America and the U.S. that know exactly what it is that im talking about. And where it could piss some people off, is that you (federal people FBI types) and secret service, are still keeping it a secret while putting the information to the news that it "could be a hoax" .. <– this thing can grow, big time.

    You need to have open and honest, national intellegence briefings, and address the state and countries,(about eactly what technology, is being used here. ( no its not speculation, we know what it is), The part that your holding on to, as "a secret" is that you have been using this technology, or allowing its use, with "cooperation", buisness stuff, but at the cost humanity influence, your traded "american intelect" in a attempt to get "$$$"… So this person, that is using the same technology you used to get $$ and cause stress and threats, along with social behavior and to create "obedience" .

    There doing the same thing you did, accept there policy is a little bit different, there asking for payment in a different way, while creating a stress. The difference, the bomb threat you created as government or federal, was more of "nuclear one" and dissemention, you used a day and work schedule, timing and government information, you were trust with to allow it, to happen continously through out the country… You did this inside peoples homes, in the work places, and there cellphones.

    it will probbly take about 45 minutes or so to explain the whole thing. what technology was being used.. TGB the way i mean it
    its the right thing to do.

    Remember guys i told you i big on communication stuff. <– this is another way to describe what is happening.. You guys gave power to "geeks, you said "i will let the geeks do the technical stuff, and all that stuff is over my head" Then they made deals, out the but everywhere all acrossed the country.. The administration is connected to this, i know for 100%, donald trump has had meetings with "gaming, technologies companies, tech people, social engeers, stuff like that". <– what that means is, yet again, the federal parts of treasury stuff, FBI, secret service, all divisions, there all taking the hit, for campaign and adminstration, "the buisness deals" of Trump, along with all the other stuff that adding up acrossed the world. ( but its all landing on you guys, i like you guys, i think for the most part, so im telling advice, how to not fuck this up)

    Im telling you this, so you feel better about coming forward with this information, in a good way. "Things" dont just go away", when it comes to this technilogy stuff, people learn it, it happends quick, specially when its easy ,… Why is it effective? Why is SO EFFECTIVE, because you guys have been using it on americans, in america creating a baseline for its influence, a behaviour trend and response.. So lets say you guys put out trillion calls in america this year, using the technology, all a person has to do is make one, hit a couple of buttons, and shuts down a school, a buisness.. if they do 30-50 of them, it shuts down the whole country, from 50 phone calls, thats it. on phone call per state, they could.. it would take 1-2 hours.

    What if the next phone call they make, is one that goes out a 1000 times, keying in to copy cat it type stuff, TGB the way i mean it using the same technology.

    It would be easy to do, becuase you also used the technology "to create census" or record censs ( or attempt to), along behaviour and responses, and acknowledgements. TGB the way i mean it, in the past.

    When coming up with stradedgy, what direction do you want this to go in, you "cant control it", its to late for that, you have to guide it, you have to be honest. You have to look at the big picture, i got alot in here on this page or comment to get you started, putting things together. And no, i cant tell you nothing is going to explode, npt becuase i sent a bomb, but becuase im not controling, or inforcing the adminstrations influence.

    What do you want people to hack, if you had a choice, about the way life is, what direction would want hacking to go in.
    The thing is with this technology, by definetion, you made it possible to "hack people", you set up a system, the government and Adminstration mainly (the adminstration) signed off on it, where technology used to replace human contact on many levels, as mentioned a little bit above. For instance, i talk about i have 50 pages written on influence "allievaiting things" while creating a positive influence for place to live, with freedoms and that, i talk about using intelectual property hacking it, to create a freedom of space, and fun enviroment, Using the information make the treasury system awesome. I influence it, i put it out on line, i code it, i got in all sorts of places.

    Right now, you have this secret, its creating a "leverage type system on you" thats all it is a secret your keeping, and we can use it,

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    an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.
    Homophobia is a misnomer in most cases

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    I am glad i am not a CNN reporter or broadcaster i would be very afraid.All the trash talk accusations and lies. I am a true believer that we get what we deserve !

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    My school just got a bomb threat today. Last week someone brought a 9mm to school. My friend saw the girl with the gun showing it off

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