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CNN reporter says 'zero' police presence as Minneapolis precinct burns

CNN’s Sara Sidner and Josh Campbell report on the scene as protests erupt in Minneapolis over George Floyd’s death while in police custody. The Minneapolis Police Department evacuated the 3rd Precinct of its staff, “in the interest of the safety of our personnel,” according to a statement from John Elder, Director of the department’s Office of Public Information. “Protesters forcibly entered the building and have ignited several fires.” #CNN #News

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    Sheila Mohammed

    Arrest the 4 Ex Officers so this can stop. Stop asking fire fighters and the police to risk their lives for 4 Murderers. Corrupt Police Officers caused this mess. God keep the innocent safe.

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    Man these people prove no point, they became the evil they first protested against.

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    People who are saying this shouldn't happen did u said that while you guys were killing that Innocent man …#WP you guys are psycho

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    You know, we could all be reading a book right about now.

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    I wonder if this would work if we want higher wages and another stimulus check🤔

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    Don Lemon is condoning looting.

  8. Avatar

    im sure leftist operatives are involved in setting the fire like they did in berkeley.

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    I find it hilarious when people try to claim that you can't fight the government with AR-15s. A few hundred people are fighting an entire police precinct with plywood and gasoline and are facing zero resistance. Do you see any drones or tanks being rolled out here? I sure don't. Cops aren't even pretending to do surveillance on the situation.

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    Locust, plagues, civil unrest all signs bible talks about.

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    Fun fact, the cops are there. Just in disguise undercover

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    Pudd'nhead Wilson

    You know the old saying, "When the looting starts, the shooting starts".

  13. Avatar

    CNN in Hong Kong: "These are freedom protesters!"

    CNN in Minneapolis: "Violence, arson, riots."

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    I hate when the news tells me what to think. Don't tell me this police precinct shouldn't be up in flames. It totally should be and these people are heroes

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    Michael Stewart

    The police should tell the rioters that if they do not go home they will be arrested. Those who are lighting fires should be arrested and charged with arson and vandalism.

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    Purge is playing out rite in front of us

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    Goes to show that lockdown enforcement doesn’t work and media hypocrisy is appalling over the riots

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    agent x channel

    sure, like when armed gunman protesters entered the capital in michigan..

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    Self emancipated Crispus Attucks the first killed in the Boston Massacre in 1770 for ( the second President John Adams defended the murderous British authorities ) what has become America must be sitting with George Floyd and asking him how long will this BULLSHIT go on

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    Shartavia Hogan

    I notice a lot of racist ppl leaving comments is smart all these fake profiles with no pic nd fake names

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    Gonny Govender

    not in custody murdered by police while they investigated so called fraud note.

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    police are going under cover and burning down the station

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