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CNN reporter on Wall Street: It was a bloodbath

CNN’s Cristina Alesci explains why the Dow fell 800 points after the bond market, for the first time in over a decade, flashed a warning signal that has an eerily accurate track record for predicting recessions.
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  1. Avatar

    Another Republican led GFC…. this time by a Reality TV Show host… a CLOWN in the White House..

  2. Avatar

    Checking to see if Fredo wants to meet at the Social Club for drinks, well order Lemon🍋drops.

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    Tune in later when Fredo will sniff Dandy Don's dick!

  4. Avatar

    it is going to crash back down to like 17,000

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    So the chickens are coming home to roost and the Rats will soon be leaving the sinking ship. Trump will run away to Buddy Vladimir spending his summers on the Beach North Korea. Maybe he'll ghost write another book. "The Art of the Steal"… how I bankrupted United States and slipped out the back door with bags of loot for myself and my cronies.

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    I know it's Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton's fault

  7. Avatar

    OK Jake. This is not a blood bath. You are just being dramatic. There is a ton of money to make in the morning.

  8. Avatar

    Whaaaaat? Pfffft… Fake News… Best economy ever

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    Liberals are actually celebrating, Thats who I want in charge?

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    This is just a beginning !!!!!!!!!
    America need smarter president lols LOLs 😂
    China not easy to bully !!!!!!!!!!!

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    The shit storm is here! I have been warning people that current economic indicators are showing a serious recession on the horizon. And no way to fix this since we have enriched the wealthy and bankrupted our govt. It’s going to get messy. And yes, I am an economist! Of course they don’t want you to take out your money…as they take all theirs out first! The 1% will make more and the people will lose again.

  12. Avatar

    This is what happens when you give the keys to the family car to a 5yr old.

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    Certain things are inevitable and must happen regardless of who is in charge because they are written. Global recession will happen and will not exclude any country no matter how developed it may be. Soon, leaders of nations will be desperately crying out for a global savior to come and save their economy… And this will introduce the world to the Antichrist who must come and rule this fallen world as written. The prophecies must be fulfilled.

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    Hahaha The Divided States falling.
    Trump rode in on what Obama did. Here's the scary part, someone will have to come in and clean this mess up.
    Good luck guys.

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    The Dow is not a good measure of the economy

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    I think TRUMP better give into China before they want the money that the USA is borrowing to stay afloat. He is not going to win but then he never has and never will.

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    Dip💩Donald does it again….what a fckn loser😂😂😂

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    It was only a matter of time before Trump’s irrational actions would cause the economy to fail as all his businesses. The last dumb act was the tariffs that created the final tipping point.

  19. Avatar

    President Trump who is a genius said that the dollar is beautiful and the US economy is hot. So there. CNN fake news caused by a massive drop in the stock market. Your intellectually giant president who launched a trade war with China and destroyed single handedly the US farmers soy bean market will lead the US into the promised land.

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    When you're motivated by hate…you lose all ability to rationalize…the left doesn't care what happens to America as long as hating Trump is at the forefront!…You people are traitors! You're going to get what you deserve! If only I could see your faces when you wake up in the end!…you brought it on yourselves, there's nothing you can do to stop it now! Hate is a nasty disease that opens a door for the destruction of everything you've held dear to you!

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    Oh the drama lol when it drops 15k on the DOW let me know other wise just shut up and ride it or get out! Now CNN trying to use the markets to bash on Trump !! These people are truly sick!!!

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    Trump will say he is winning bigly😂😂😂😂

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    Congrats trumptards you ruined America

  24. Avatar

    And what pray tell have democrats done lately to help the economy? Nothing shocking. The economy is doing better than it was under Obama and the democrats policies of suppression. The only thing keeping the economy down at the moment is litteraly the democrats control of the house

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    Fake news.. TRUMP 2020 MAGA Bitches 🇺🇸 you

  26. Avatar

    hillary in the 2016 said trump will be a recession she was right as well for the simpsons

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    Someone just shot up a ICE building because of fake news. How does that make you fell "Communist news network" ( CNN )????

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    Trump is a incompetent idiot. No need for a long debate ,

  29. Avatar

    don`t worry America , you have the right cunt in charge , he only went bankrupt 6 times , and you wouldn`t believe , one was a casino , what fucking cunt goes bankrupt with a casino . and he has these beautiful tariffs in place , you`ll be right , no worries , go to the pub , have a couple of schooners .

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    CNN=Childrens Noise Nonsense,
    You kiddies have the attention span of a Fruit-Fly diving head first into an open flame.
    We just love it……as you sink into the abyss of your own delirium.

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    For 3 yeas you have pushed Russia BS, but Epstein who is Jewish and had close ties to Israels former prime minister, royalty, politicians, government agency heads, billionaires and many ties to MOSSAD and the story is not covered? He couldnt have hung himself as there was no place to hang from, and all his clothes and sheets were made of paper.

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    How many of you CNN Trump haters on here are working for Shareblue, CNN… and which are both funded by China?

  33. Avatar

    Shit sucked under Obama Bush ext…

  34. Avatar

    Donald's # 7 Bankruptcy.. and boy oh boy is going to be a doozy, ,,, but hey, at least the Dems will be there to bail America out,

  35. Avatar

    I don't see why these panels still talk about Trump so much. As a viewer, I would rather know the consequences and predictions, not rehashing problems with the dice roll of Trump's policy strategy.

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