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CNN reporter fends off White House raccoon before live cross

CNN reporter Joe Johns was forced to fend off a raccoon on the White House lawn, moments before going to air. “Frickin’ raccoons, man. God, again!” he said. “This is the second time! Jesus … It always comes around right around when I’m about to go on TV.” The incident comes after reports of increasing belligerent raccoons on the property by other media outlets

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  1. Avatar
    Valrie Gerlitzki

    Raccoons eat rats. Seriously.

  2. Avatar

    Yeah yeah, raccoon 🤥. It was Trµmp high on steroids 😂.

  3. Avatar

    Again? What does he have in his pockets? Lol

  4. Avatar

    i'm no liberal but if I were one, I'd joke about how trump trained ben carson to attack CNN. see, conservatives write better lib jokes than liberals.

  5. Avatar

    racoon lives matter

  6. Avatar
    michael grabianowski

    The raccoons must have gotten into Dysentery Donnie Adderall stash.

  7. Avatar

    well when the white house is full of trash….trash pandas

  8. Avatar
    Valrie Gerlitzki

    Funny that raccoons naturally have masks. Iconic.

  9. Avatar

    there was one two days ago at walter reed during Trump doctor presser as well. send they are after presidential nuts

  10. Avatar

    They channel the spirits of WH occupants.🤣

  11. Avatar

    I imagine that this reporter's relationship with raccoons is the same as the hot priest from fleabag's relationship with foxes

  12. Avatar

    Da! This Joke Writes Itself..📞

  13. Avatar

    Even raccoons hate CNN!😂

  14. Avatar
    chopper19 chopper19

    The raccoon did what many people want to do and went after CNN

  15. Avatar

    Trump's new raccoon secret service agents patrolling the WH perimeter because his human agents no longer willing to work for an infected boss who won't quarantine.

  16. Avatar

    Ignore that masked marauder. It's one of the few with a mask on, so a little respect ehh? 🦝😷

  17. Avatar

    LoL 🤣😂😂😆🤣😆

  18. Avatar

    It is trying to communicate with the reporter…just because humans cannot understand the language of animals do not assume the animals do not understand humans…think about it

  19. Avatar

    a random trump supporter! what will he do 😳

  20. Avatar

    Animal Abuse on Trumps guard dog!

  21. Avatar

    Maybe the White House is farming raccoons to find a cure for coronavirus.

  22. Avatar
    Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman

    What a lax security.

  23. Avatar

    The racoon was old and had dementia like Biden, and didn't know where he was.

  24. Avatar

    Their leader inside is telling the raccoons to attack the media

  25. Avatar

    Raccoons: Trump 2020

  26. Avatar

    Take that burrito out of your pocket, kick it here, and we be in peace.

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