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CNN Poll: Joe Biden regains double-digit lead over 2020 Democratic field

CNN’s David Chalian breaks down a CNN poll conducted by SSRS that places former Vice President Joe Biden over the 2020 Democratic field, with 29% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters saying they back Biden. #CNN #News

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  1. Avatar

    I'll start to believe you when I see Gabbard on the September stage.

  2. Avatar

    Are we playing to winner or just observing?

  3. Avatar

    Joe Biden, is a strong candidate. I would love him to pick Warren as his Vice President.

  4. Avatar

    How is it that Biden is leading so much? There's very little positive said about him. These poll numbers are false. Trump will win again.

  5. Avatar

    I think those numbers are just smokin mirrors because I don't see anybody actually excited about Joe Biden.

  6. Avatar

    All that hiding Creepy Uncle Joe from the public appears to be working. Remember to go to Joe 30330033030.com.…??

  7. Avatar

    YouTube search: A warning to all gun owners.
    If you consider yourself a free human being watch the video.

  8. Avatar

    Very funny how PINOCCHIO NEWS (CNN) exposed their racism WHITE NON-COLLEGE EDUCATED and WHITE COLLEGE EDUCATED. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Avatar

    I look forward to Joe's boot print right across trump's ugly face in 2020.

  10. Avatar

    None of them have a chance of beating Trump.

  11. Avatar

    Been awhile since Don Lemon has been on the air , what's up with that?

  12. Avatar

    The fat weatherman-miscast-as-poll-reader is out of breath with the excitement of the old people poll!

  13. Avatar

    Who answers these polls? I've never met anyone that supports Biden. I've met more people that supports Yang than Biden.

  14. Avatar

    Remember when Alisyn Camerota called Mr. Rogers "EVIL"?

  15. Avatar

    Another trash poll. CNN never learns. Sad.

  16. Avatar

    CNN pumps up their corporate horse in a fake poll….HA big deal! Creepy Pedo Joe is very low energy, and will be crushed into oblivion by Great Emperor Trump, that's all!

  17. Avatar

    Warren is the only one with real plans

  18. Avatar

    Utter bull dung. Bernie Sanders is leading and everyone knows it. CNN is a joke. This country's political process is simply pathetic.

  19. Avatar

    Dem party is a total mess at moment, Biden..lol… plus The squad talking negatively about Jews and Israel. The poor Democratic Party is lost, I hope they get their act together soon, for their own sake.

  20. Avatar

    Here we go with this “more electable” conversation again that’s what the establishment Dems thought about Hillary when they screwed over Bernie last time. Someone’s going to have to take a chance and elect a progressive

  21. Avatar

    Biden is running for Vice President

  22. Avatar

    Yay. Another old white man. (Bernie is the exception). Warren 2020

  23. Avatar

    Dear DNC,
    I'm voting for Bernie or not bothering to vote at all.
    Your call!

  24. Avatar

    3:17 How did that work out for you in 2016? Country before party

  25. Avatar

    Biden can barely remember his own name! Wtf do people see in him?! I mean at least he’s not a retard like Trump but there’s so many more better candidates right now. Smh

  26. Avatar

    Hmmm… Judging by the comments, the republickers are starting to pee their pants.

    They have to trash Biden because it's clear that he's a real threat to the trump thumper nation.

  27. Avatar

    Damage controlling. Tulsi is qualified for next debate, fuck you till dead.

  28. Avatar

    I hope Crazy Uncle Joe gets the DNC nod. Can't wait to see if he can do a more amusing debate with Trump than Hillary did.

  29. Avatar

    Me and Tulsi are getting married and all of you are invited.

  30. Avatar

    Lol obviously it's just cause Warren, sanders and harris is splitting the progressive vote. Once it's down to sanders v biden, biden will be fuckin destroyed. FEEL THE BERN

  31. Avatar

    These polls doesn’t present most people because most people I see prefer Bernie, Warren and Harris, I have met yet anyone I know who prefer Biden.

  32. Avatar

    Where the hell is fredo? This is getting ridiculous!!

  33. Avatar

    no other thing matter democrate most win

  34. Avatar

    My god Joe Biden is just so lame compared to everyone else. I’d still rather have him than trump tho. So I’ll vote for Biden if need be

  35. Avatar

    I'm not a Biden guy. But if takes some of warrens and Yang's ideas I'm ok. If he does not use him in a cabinet. Post that is a waste of talent.

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