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CNN panelists get in fiery exchange over Trump's tweets

CNN commentators Keith Boykin and Rob Astorino got into a heated exchange over whether or not President Trump’s tweets against four Democratic congresswomen should be considered racist. #CNN #News

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  1. Avatar

    "Go back to where you come from." How can that be just "criticism"?

  2. Avatar

    April said “ I am a black woman” I didn’t know this because all this while I thought she was “ White”🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. Avatar

    Dems can all go to HELL…
    Im black and TRUMP is the best president alive

  4. Avatar

    So the Dems are really going to run on Trump is a bigot? How did that work in 2016 2017 2018? Why don't you guys just forfeit and give it all to Trump again..? Unbelievable! They want to lose!

  5. Avatar

    The new racism is the denial that racism exist and that Donald Trump is a racist.

  6. Avatar

    But he's never told Speaker Pelosi to go back to her country…

  7. Avatar

    So according to this Rob Astorino guy, It's not racist when KKK says the same things!!!
    And by the way in a free world people can disagree with the President or Prime minister that doesn't mean they need tho leave the country.

  8. Avatar

    If trump is such a xenophobe, how can there be russian collusion?

  9. Avatar

    Go to 8.40 …. Bush went to a mosque after 9-11. Just imagine what Trump might have done.

  10. Avatar

    LMFAO 😂 So you're actually going to call half the Country racist while asking them to vote for you in 2020? Wow! The Dems must be fuming over this…

  11. Avatar

    The uninformed disagree.Who cares? Back to majority rules.Facts matter.

  12. Avatar

    RACIST! Welcome to the World of DemonRats! Imagine what they would have called Trump if he called them every name in the book including Mother Fucker! Oh yea . . . that what's they called Trump!!! No resolution against them for that!!!

  13. Avatar

    Bunch of low IQ morons as usual on the left.

  14. Avatar

    It's racist my widdle feewings are hurt waaaaaaah!

  15. Avatar

    Tell this guy to drink some tea so he can wake up n know what’s going on

  16. Avatar

    Trump called April an idiot.. she is. But because she is black, its racist. Idiots come in all colours.

  17. Avatar

    Your all only mad because Trump tells the true , fake outrage on fake news .

  18. Avatar

    What a bunch of little sensitive BITCHES !!

  19. Avatar

    I don't care if those broads are red white and blue! What they are is lazy doing nothing for the American people. I wish they'd move too ASAP.

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