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‘C’mon man’: Biden’s consistent refrain to Trump at the final debate

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden shot down assertions of President Trump during the final presidential debate on Oct. 22 with a repeated retort: “C’mon man.” Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Luntz is a Republican strategist that got exposed as clueless… no surprise that his panel of NOT SO “undecided” voters found Trump won.

    The bar is so low for this fat orange man-baby that him not acting like a whiny lil B results in him “winning.” Lol

    Biden looked like the president up there. The world looks at fat orange Trump and laugh at America. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Avatar

    Hey. You know it is no fun cutting this together. Worst editing job to help Vice President Joe Biden.

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    Higher Ground Gaming


  4. Avatar

    Cornpop, he was a bad dude, come on, man! This guy is a buffoon.

  5. Avatar
    Michael Colapietro

    Biden looks at his watch and says "C'mon man, did you take that poor boy sandwich i ordered " Trump just rolls his eyes Joe i just ate it and washed it down with a milkshake

  6. Avatar

    Joe "come on man, you know my lawyers don't want me to answer that specifically" Biden

  7. Avatar

    I love how u crooked media bastards tried to package Biden’s incompetence as “refrain!!” Shame on u evil losers!! 😂

  8. Avatar

    Joe had a couple of smart things to say but C'mon man, this guy would never be able to be in charge of the United States of America.

  9. Avatar

    Crash and Burn !

  10. Avatar

    MLK: I have a dream!
    Obama: Hope!

  11. Avatar

    Yeah so 45 is a golden god right?

  12. Avatar

    Trump trump trump. Biden sucks

  13. Avatar

    Biden doesn't have anything important to say. He has ALWAYS used these types of stupid snapbacks to make other stupid voters think that he is "effective." In reality, Biden is a dimwitted career politician trying to fool some intellectually-challenged people that they are "victims" for which he will "help." Yet, as has been true for more than 47 years, Biden is really just a USELESS CAREER POLITICIAN. He has done nothing meaningful in his entire pointless career in politics (other than get his dirty son a job).

  14. Avatar

    Biden is a fool.

  15. Avatar

    Where’s Hunter?

  16. Avatar

    Hell ya Donald Trump what what what !?!? Hell ya Donald Trump

  17. Avatar

    Same, Biden, same

  18. Avatar

    Hunters laptop was not from russia. Cmon maaan hahaha

  19. Avatar

    Every time he says cmon..Trump gives him the here we go gain face lmao

  20. Avatar

    Somebody has the colors reversed

  21. Avatar

    Joe "C’mon" Biden will never be the president of the united states.

  22. Avatar

    "Dog whistle," something only heard by dogs…

    …and Democrats.

  23. Avatar
    McCarthy James Kennedy

    God I hate Joe Biden

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar
    You’re in The matrix

    Cmon man vote

  26. Avatar
    Scott Blankinship

    Staring at an empty chair thinking about Biden talking bout big dogwhistles again..lol. he knows all bout em

  27. Avatar

    I’m an old geezer, c’mon!

  28. Avatar

    Comon , comon , comon , comon , goman , goman, truman, truman , . Sorry i forgot the question , koman.

  29. Avatar

    “Come on”

  30. Avatar

    Biden be watching the election results roll in on November 3rd like "C'mon man!"

  31. Avatar

    well said Biden.
    (Low moral, Low values)

  32. Avatar

    This guy is a complete racist what a joke

  33. Avatar

    Trump stomped his brains out then he just started playing with him. Joe and son be in jail soon I bet this deal is coming down fast.

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