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Clive Tyldesley replaced as lead commentator: 'ITV's decision, not mine'

Clive Tyldesley is to be replaced by Sam Matterface as ITV’s senior football commentator after 22 years in the position. Tyldesley posted a video on Twitter saying that it was ‘ITV’s decision, not mine’ adding that he was ‘upset, annoyed, baffled’ – and available

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Tyldesley ‘baffled and upset’ after being replaced by Matterface ►

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  1. Avatar
    Guardian Football

    Tyldesley 'baffled and upset' after being replaced by Matterface ► https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/14/sam-matterface-takes-up-itv-football-mic-after-clive-tyldesley-steps-down

  2. Avatar

    Matterface is a one dimensional bore whose only ability is to spew stats out at an alarming rate.I call him "Matteroffact" cos that's all he does. It's like he's been created by Artificial Intelligence. Dreadful decision by ITV.

  3. Avatar

    It's so bizzare, i grew up with clive, football won't be the same, a legend if ever there was one, so sad. 😔 ⚽

  4. Avatar

    Time for a change it happens in life

  5. Avatar
    Richard Fothergill

    football losing all of its personality. Need the old characters

  6. Avatar

    Hopefully BBC sign him

  7. Avatar
    Algernon Wolfwhistle

    Oh dear…What a pity…Never mind!

  8. Avatar
    Paul2stroke Tottenhamyidarmy

    Poor fella. Welcome to the world of just being a number, not a person….

  9. Avatar

    Just been youtube scouting Matterface… I'm surprised by this decision tbh.

  10. Avatar

    Absolute mare from itv

  11. Avatar

    The world has gone bonkers!

  12. Avatar

    Hopefully Bein sports will sign you up or sky or Bt sport

  13. Avatar

    Sam matterface hahaha wtf that is like selling messi and getting cleverley

  14. Avatar

    worst commentator of all time

  15. Avatar

    I’m just surprised a woman wasn’t given the role, I’m sure a woman will complain and somehow be given the role not based on any skill talent just politics

  16. Avatar

    Iconic memories from a legend:
    "In towards Schmeichel…
    Comes to Dwight Yorke…
    Giggs with a shot….

  17. Avatar

    Go to bbc, annoyed at itv, brilliant commentator!

  18. Avatar

    Makes no sense and the so called replacement screams over the action far too much.

  19. Avatar

    🌼Perfect example of ageism. They should just let Clive keep his role until retirement. Does decency not exist anymore?🌼

  20. Avatar

    BBC get in there or Sky sports.

  21. Avatar

    The best commentator on tv since late great Brian moore, champions league nights of old used to be great when Clive and Ron atkinson used to do it

  22. Avatar

    One of the best if not the best commentator around probably BBC, sky sports, bt sports or bein sports will get him

  23. Avatar

    Bad decisions that.

  24. Avatar

    Great news👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼…your arrogant commentary style is over, yippeeee

  25. Avatar

    Don’t get mad get even, move to the bbc!

  26. Avatar

    Millions have lost there jobs recently, move on. 😤😤😤

  27. Avatar

    Time to fix your teeth.

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