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Climate campaigner Greta Thunberg prepares to sail to the US

‘I feel a bit seasick and it’s not going to be comfortable but that I can live with,’ says the 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg as she prepares to sail across the North Atlantic to attend a climate conference in New York. She will be travelling in a racing yacht with no shower, toilet or privacy to take part in a United Nations summit. ‘If it’s really hard then I just have to think it’s only for two weeks and then I can go back to as usual.’ Thunberg is making her transatlantic trip on board the 60-foot yacht Malizia II to avoid travelling by air. The yacht is fitted with solar panels and underwater turbines that produce electricity onboard, with the aim of making the journey zero-carbon. The boat’s skipper, Boris Herrmann, told Reuters the teenage activist, who has become a figurehead for young environmental protesters, faced a challenging voyage on board the yacht, which is designed for speed rather than luxury
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  1. Avatar

    How is she getting back? It’s ok… we know the answer.✈️

  2. Avatar

    But hey at least she has more integrity than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But c'mon girl, you should study a bit more at school or find a job that helps in sustainable renewable energy

  3. Avatar

    …in a boat made of polyester resin, which is a byproduct of the oil industry. Cool irony bruh

  4. Avatar

    This is dangerous. I hope she arrives safely.

  5. Avatar

    Hahahhahah… I hope you never come back.

  6. Avatar

    in a boat of a oil industry.😂😂👌👌 hahha

  7. Avatar

    This is stupid on many levels. A child has no business being on a small boat crossing the North Atlantic. Second, there is no climate change. Just scam artists altering the data to make it look like there is a problem. All of the data being taken in cities needs to be tossed out since all they are measuring in the heat island effect.

  8. Avatar

    Oh dear, and what is that boat made of, CARBON Fibre. Not that green at all if you look at the process in making it. Even cyclists puff and chuff so they breath out more carbon dioxide under exertion. Never mind, the trees need Co2 to survive, they then produce our Oxygen. They don't tell you the biggest contributor to climate change is low sun spot activity, predictions from scientists who have studied it say it will last about 50 years, it is called the Mawnby minimum or Maunder (reffered to as both) and it occurs in cycles, look what happened in 1645-1717 the last major cycle and it happens again now. Of course they can't use the kids to protesting against that or even justify taxing it.

  9. Avatar

    Two weeks in a plastic box with a autistic teenager … ok ok I’ll by a electric car

  10. Avatar

    The ignoramuses are out in force, how to show America up, shame…. Time to get your education system in order…

  11. Avatar

    Well done, Greta! You are so much braver than the few adults that find fault with you. Better cross the Atlantic in a small boat and show you care about the world than sit at home and selfishly not bother about the world like your critics seem to be doing. Even if the boat is a product of the oil industry, it is leaving behind a carbon footprint minimal compared with other forms of transport. Safe journey! … and isn't her English great! I bet you critics would not manage to voice your criticisms in equally fluent Swedish !

  12. Avatar

    Smelly beetch is she just going to tip her shyte into the ocean? Very environentally friendly. Having a strong will is all very well if you are fully informed and educated. I bet she has never heard of the Grand Solar Minimum that is now upon us? She is just bored and needs a cause. I object to this kind of behaviour.

  13. Avatar

    Ironically, sailing postponed due to the normal British summer having different plans.
    Why do these people only come crawling out when we have a nice sunny day , then instead of enjoying the few nice summer days we get , we are told to feel guilty and we're all going to die in burning hell.
    The last time we listened to the whims of obviously troubled teenagers we ended up with Justin Beiber.

  14. Avatar

    How much c02 was produced in the manufacture of the boat. These people are delusional and taking advantage of a young girl to promote their leftist ideals.

  15. Avatar

    Fix your own problems. Stay home and do something for your community.

  16. Avatar

    Only Trump has more videos on here than Greta. I think the guardian runs her fan club. I'd send away for my membership but wouldn't want a tree cut down for the paper.

  17. Avatar

    I myself took a cruise this summer across the Mediterranean, for climate awareness 😂

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