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CIA refutes CNN report that spy was pulled from Russia because of Trump

Reaction from Fox News contributor Daniel Hoffman and former CIA operations officer Mary Beth Long.

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    I hope Russia kills someone at this station maybe these people will Stop with all the lies.

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    Trump has a tough decision to make, the only 2 people willing to be his National Security Advisor is Barron or Tiffany.
    We all knows he only hires the best!
    Who would you think would make the next best National Security Advisor?

  3. Avatar

    CNN – Fake News at its best. Way to get someone killed, CNN. Of course, most CNN liars…err…journalists think abortion is ok, so maybe getting someone potentially killed is no big deal? That sums it up, I think.

  4. Avatar

    Trump was right all along, CNN really is the enemy of the people.

  5. Avatar

    Just like Trump perverted the NOAA he is perverting the CIA. America elects a liar all they should expect is lies.

  6. Avatar

    This is not good enough, what happen to social medias obligation to truth and facts, oh wait Obama happened, can we fix this it's a national security issue, and if not WHY? Who benefits or Why would intelligence allow fake reporting or NEED fake propaganda stories, oh wait to abuse a segment of Americans, which in its self a violation. Like Trump would say I dont blame CNN I blame whoever signed on the dotted line to allow manipulative story telling. ( Obama, state department) those being TARGETED in America should sue for manipulation and HARRASSMENT Can we shred that document now, get back to real news and the constitution. Thanks!

  7. Avatar

    No because of obumer and the spying that took place on DJT.

  8. Avatar

    CNN did not put the spy in danger, President Donald Trump did.

  9. Avatar

    Of course I wouldn't watch CNN to find out, but did they, and the rest of the crooked liars of the MSM spend as much time explaining to their few viewers what a crock of crap they once again fed them. When will these people be held accountable for what they say. If it cost them hundreds of millions of dollars everytime they lie it would stop. Better yet,

  10. Avatar

    CNN is truly the enemy of the people.

  11. Avatar

    Trump for prison in 2020.I prefer presidents who are not criminal's. 🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒

  12. Avatar

    Vote out all Russian loving republicans, gutless traitor's. Putin's Mitch 🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠

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    1 out of 3 Trump supporters are dumber than the other 2😋😊😄😃😀😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😉

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    I like how they said "there is no public evidence", which means there is but we do not know about it. Gosh… I wish I voted for Hillary. I'd feel a lot safer.

  15. Avatar

    What’s the punishment for treason?

  16. Avatar

    Spying, lying, undermining our national security….CNN is the enemy of true Democracy.

  17. Avatar

    Right, of course, the CIA denies the report. Just like NOAA had to put out a fake statement supporting Trump's lie about the hurricane last week was going towards Alabama.

  18. Avatar

    …more likely, this asset decided he couldn't count on Trump keeping his mouth shut, so requested extraction.

  19. Avatar

    FCC should get CNN fined big time for the false stories the tell that causes so much trouble.

  20. Avatar

    CNN is 100% GUILTY of: Reckless Endangerment of a U.S. Agent and Intentional Obstruction of Justice. CNN MUST be made accountable.

  21. Avatar

    There are no ramifications for leaking classified information what-so-ever (unless you are a low level military member anyway).  As long as Hillary Clinton remains free, there is no justice in this country.  This country really needs to crack down on classified leaking by annihilating those that do it.  Until then, this is only whining…

  22. Avatar

    The National Enquirer is more credible than CNN, NBC and MSNBC. Now that's bad.

  23. Avatar

    CIA, you knew that CNN were 'snakes' when you let them in…

  24. Avatar

    There will be no way for the public to know the truth about this report. If the Collusion News Network is reporting on it, most likely the story is a smoke screen to try to cover up some act the liberals had committed.

  25. Avatar

    It's time for the fcc to shut down the corrupt news network and fine ms nobody cares for repeating the same fake news.

  26. Avatar

    Now trumpers believe the CIA? The hypocrisy is hilarious

  27. Avatar

    CIA should press charges against CNN , they have to be stopped.witn the fake news , its lies ! And it puts people in harms way !

  28. Avatar

    More truth being espoused to show the world the liars, hypocrites, phoney, socialist propaganda.

  29. Avatar

    More fake news where do they think this s*** up!

  30. Avatar

    CNN Jeff Zucker: Pathological Magazine's Liar of the Past Half Decade and further is odds on favorite to win the coveted Soros / Green-berg families most Repudiated Man of the Decade. Standing in to accept his award will Jake the Crapper-Tapper and Chris The Sociopath" Cuomo who is a Senior Fellow at Oxymoron University). Congratulations Comrades: This coming from Messrs Marks, Lenin and Trotsky, speaking through anonymous sources from their final resting place in an undisclosed location.., somewhere deep in the Lake of Fire… furthermore: These Iconic communist saltwort'z have conveyed the very best wishes and further are looking forward to you joining them… very soon….!!!! Hoooah…!!!

  31. Avatar

    If someone says CNN is a news organization they are just lying to your face.

  32. Avatar

    CNN is now clearly a Russian asset.

  33. Avatar

    That awkward moment when the deep-state has to take their biggest fanboys down a peg or two.

  34. Avatar

    But it's okay for Hiliary to leak the identities of all operatives working in China to be instantly liquidated there!

  35. Avatar

    The CIA asset would be considered collateral damage by the Communist Globalist.
    Their Agenda 21, 2030 plan is nearly completely destroyed and they're beyond desperate to get rid of President Trump.

  36. Avatar

    CNN is going to get someone killed, false edited narratives. All about hatred!

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