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Chuck Grassley praises Judge Barrett's responses during confirmation hearing

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-IA, weighs in Senate’s Supreme Court Confirmation hearing and social media sites cracking down on the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Socialist Democrats are out of their minds…but yet, Biden is out of his mind. So crazy is pretty normal for Socialist Democrats.

  2. Avatar

    Barrett is level headed and intellectually toying with these scumbag democrats

  3. Avatar

    I never thought I would live to see that the socialist Democrat party would come against the Catholic church so strongly it seems the Democrats use the church as Satanist it's all about their own personal power and their own financial gain vote red right down to your local government your freedom and your very lives depend upon it and one big question it's what about all the children what do they deserve

  4. Avatar

    The publican party needs more refreshing young bucks and less old washed up has beens. ZERO ENERGY

  5. Avatar

    trump is a Communist Putin supporter.
    trump failed our American economy. trump is Weak & incompetent ( 220,000 covid Americans already DIED ). trump is a Liar. trump is a Clown…supported by a clown network. How could any good Christian support trump…?  Fake ones …thats who.

    Vote Joe Biden !
    to ensure that trump shall not win.

     🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 ❤❤🧡Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2020🧡❤❤ 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  6. Avatar

    The Democrats did not like Amy simply because she is not satanic and will not go along with their little plots and the little witch hunts God bless judge Amy

  7. Avatar

    Quid pro quo Joe….

  8. Avatar

    Harris grandstanding by staying in her office.

  9. Avatar

    This woman should not be on the SCOTUS. She's not truthful and she doesn't have enough experience. She calls being homosexual a "life style." NEXT!

  10. Avatar

    Can't support any ticket Harris is on; she is impressed with herself, and doesn't care about America!

  11. Avatar

    If the Dems are gonna come into power they gonna bring hell down to earth! I was speechless with these emails and also Twitter blocking them. WOW.

  12. Avatar

    Unbelievable all the Archie Bunker types, so funny

  13. Avatar

    if senators don't vote how can they motivate the American people to vote in the election.

  14. Avatar

    Somebody with covid cough on this arse

  15. Avatar

    What happened, is the daughter of Saitin afraid to face the music ?

  16. Avatar

    Barett lies that she was not aware she accepted payment from a non-LGBT group for her participation as a resource speaker. ANother lying trump-puppet.

  17. Avatar

    If these Democrats don’t show to vote—them they should just resign right now!
    These Democrats work for the American people—they don’t work for themselves!

  18. Avatar

    This stinks to high hell! Lmfao. This is laughable. I don’t think anybody believes this. Is this supposed to be the ‘October surprise’ lol

  19. Avatar

    We also Know that the US Government has "loaned" 62 Billion Dollars to the Trump organization.

  20. Avatar

    … Trump and the fascists …

  21. Avatar

    Still nasty and evil

  22. Avatar

    Democrats made fools of themselves

  23. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a crook!

  24. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people!

  25. Avatar

    Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession!

  26. Avatar

    Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession!

  27. Avatar

    Look out people HARRIS will take over .Read between the lines didn’t want her president and still don’t want her as v p .

  28. Avatar

    221,850 deaths 8,150,383 covid cases, 1000 Americans dying every day from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' Trump has covid is fake news so that he doesn't have to debate Biden again and talk about his non payment of tax and his fake ballot boxes.

  29. Avatar

    We don’t care what everyone says about Trump now ever since he got infected with the disease. He still makes us laugh.

  30. Avatar

    Former President Obama is a honest, honorable and well-respected man. Trump is a lying con-artist who promotes division and hate.

  31. Avatar

    This senators are not as they used to be

  32. Avatar

    Grassley is a poster boy for term limits.

  33. Avatar

    She was evasive and gave half answers. Perfect

  34. Avatar

    I could imagine drats are questioning Amy's grade school teachers.

  35. Avatar

    The only thing I don't like about her is not adopting the thousands Appalachian children. Not getting parents unless their black.

  36. Avatar

    It doesn't really matter. Just get rid of the orange plague and his parasites and add 5 new judges like VP Kamala.

  37. Avatar

    See Rudy W Giuliani for the Biden Crime Family money schemes

  38. Avatar

    I sure hope this Amy Coney Barrett get selected by God she deserves it

  39. Avatar

    Did anybody expect honesty from Grassley ?

  40. Avatar

    Biden and Harris will never make it as leaders of America, neither one cares about America, it's all about them. How much can they steal, and control our evry move. GO TRUMP!!!

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