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Chromebook Flip C436 – A powerhouse built for your creativity | ASUS

Take in the details of its precision-crafted magnesium-alloy chassis, and be awed by the might of its powerful Intel® processor. Its versatility is unparalleled, allowing you to use it in laptop, tent, stand, or tablet mode for work and play.

Learn more about the ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 :

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    I want something like this but Android powered

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    Google has the best OS in the world yet they come with this nonsense
    Please scale Android up to be a bit beefier let's call it Android Deluxe

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    laptop or pc not worth $1 until make super pc and super laptop with minimum i13 ptx90ti,for laptop do sizes between 11"-18"and usb-c charging only up to near 100watts speed with 2usb-a,huge trackpad with latest fast gestures,back ports only,360 hinge and non detachable keyboard for 2in1s, right fullsize number pad,smaller round keys and full size right arrow pad.for pc and laptop remove worst moving parts/fans and make fully noiseless,with zero latency and add better air cooling.for laptop and pc add minimum 9000billion for core clock ram ssd. sell product instead of seperate slow parts that any can build/put together for a few dollars from scratch.for laptop 300g-1kg max weight for all models and fully rounded sides comfort body design without any sharps or flats.minimum only oled and budget oled for screen is allowed

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    😊 с планшета сижу и регулярно взламывают 🤗
    Антивирусы непомогают 😣

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    Is this coming out in core i7? Your website keeps changing

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    Congratulations, Asus. A terrific machine, no doubt.

    However, could I beg you to do two things:

    Make and release an iterative update to your Chromebook Flip c101 and c302.

    Keep the form factor and construction of both exactly the same as before, update the internals to present day, reduce those bezels a touch, but otherwise keep things the same. You'll be onto a winner.

    (P.S. light coloured keys with a white backlight just doesn't work. Dark keys and a white backlight work best)

    Thank your for listening.

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    Alternatives for ASUS use, you can use it as a tray,

    You can use it as a flowerpot, why?

    because your asus breaks down and asus won't do it, it will ask you for money to do it. poor asus won't take care of a corrupt computer.

    be informed…

    It happened to me, not for you:)

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    ASUS with an attached bill on 12/12/2016. GL552VW-DM132T Serial No: G9N0CV144520385 we bought the device from the company mentioned on the invoice.

    The device fell to the blue screen with the error of “video internal schdule error” in the 15th month. has been out of use by giving consent.

    We redirected the device to the service, ASUS Company service stated that this time the warranty period has expired and stated that the malfunction will be eliminated by changing the device to "motherboard" for 5,090 TL.

    “YOU HAVE SOLD A PRODUCTION DEFECTIVE DEVICE” to us that this is a hardware malfunction, a hardware malfunction is a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer is responsible for such faults and malfunctions, and that the malfunction in the device is repeated repeatedly. however, they stated that they would do if we pay the fee. They do not have any predictions about whether this fault will be repeated or not. Asus did not replace the device.

    Be careful.

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    Please launch Asus Zenfone Max Pro M3 soon

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