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Chris Hemsworth helps return Tasmanian devils to Australian mainland after 3,000-year absence

Actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife, actress Elsa Pataky, helped release 11 Tasmanian devils on Australia’s mainland last month, where the animals have been extinct for around 3,000 years.

Working with wildlife conservation group Aussie Ark, Hemsworth and Pataky released the devils at a 1,000-acre wildlife sanctuary at Barrington Tops National Park in New South Wales.

Aussie Ark has for the last decade been building a population of Tasmanian devils “and learning everything they can about the animals, including about their reproductive physiology, behavior, and ecological needs” ahead of the reintroduction in September.

According to Aussie Ark, Tasmanian devils became extinct on mainland Australia as they were outcompeted by dingoes. The dingoes never made it to the island state of Tasmania, where the devils continued to thrive.

However, the devil facial tumor disease, a cancer first described in the 1990s, has devastated the population on the island, reducing it by around 90 percent, to around 25,000 animals.

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    I thought these things were supposed to be tough? The Honeybadger would eat one of these devils alive!

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    What an absolute stud that guy is

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    Caitlyn Harbidge

    This is so so incredible! Conservationists never get the credit they deserve.

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    Well, the Aussies successfully used gypsy moths to tackle the invasive cactus and prickly pear bushes, so if anybody can make this a success, tis them.

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    Globalist Devils to return to Sheol after 6000 years

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    Did to ever think that they went extinct on that specific island for a reason? Nature is cruel!!

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    Christopher Robin Garrish

    Perhaps Tasmania would have been a better home?

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    Ya,this should go well down the road…they'll either die or impact the ecosystem negatively as usual.stick to acting maybe dude..

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    Are they ready, they looked reluctant to come out?

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    On s'en fout des trucs comme ça

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    I'm Alone 😍😥02:35



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    Where is the hammer 🔨💪

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    Bugs Bunny wasn't allowed to be there,he might have fed a Tazmanian Devil an inflatable life raft.

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