Chopper's Politics: Why Britain isn't working, and is Truss or Sunak best for Brexit? | Podcast

by News Update

As the mud-slinging between the Tories goes on, the rest of us are dealing with train strikes, delays at Dover and passport panics.

Kit Malthouse, new Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, joins Christopher Hope in the Red Lion pub, to talk about how his role is to get a grip on these issues (and why it’s not an issue that he was chairing COBRA meetings rather than Boris Johnson…). The MP for North West Hampshire also talks about how working from home culture risks damaging public services, and is coy about who might have his vote in the leadership contest.

Also on the podcast, the Telegraph’s Chief Political Correspondent, Camilla Turner, gives a glimpse into the spin rooms after each leadership debate, and ERG Chair Mark Francois gives his reasoning for why he’s putting his trust in Truss.

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