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Chinese state media outlet mocks Trump after contracting coronavirus

Editor-in-chief of a Chinese state-run media outlet mocked President Trump, claiming the president ‘paid the price for his gamble to play down COVID-19.’

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  1. Avatar

    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻👍🏻⭐️⭐️. Europe South America North America. Should team together and drop atom bombs all over china. china created this poo virus and china have killed and destroyed sooo many lifes. china virus have killed innocent children and the poor elderly that have created this world. i have huge respect and love the elderly.

  2. Avatar
    Nathalie Calvin Studios TV

    Where’s the news? Every time I look to FOX for news, they instead want to cover stupid stuff like this. Is there anyone else left at FOX that knows how to do actual news reporting? Is there anything else going on in the world besides a Chinese mans tweet

  3. Avatar
    Sebastian Phizone

    So what? He got sick. What is the big deal about this virus? Trump is 74 years old. He fits the high-risk category and is recovering with no complications. If anything, he's showing Americans (and the world) how we are using unnecessary fear to control our lives. He is taking this virus head-on like a true leader. He knew the risk of the virus before he got it. Now he's proving all of his doubters wrong. Misguided safety breeds unbridled fear.

  4. Avatar

    CCP wants Biden to win. Hu Xiijin parrots the same narrative as the Democrat/Socialist Party, and their Leftist media cohorts…Birds of a feather.

  5. Avatar

    Maybe cut China grain Supply off

  6. Avatar

    Pelosi & China are on the same side.

  7. Avatar

    The commie SOB are not the only one mocking Trump around the world

  8. Avatar

    Who cares about what the commie regime publish???

    F them all… WE WILL MAKE THEM PAY!!!

  9. Avatar

    Nothing a couple of well placed tomahawks can't handle. Just to send a message.

  10. Avatar

    Get our factories out of China. Get China out of our universities. Never buy anything made in China again. That will be a good start.

  11. Avatar

    Beijing Biden 🇨🇳

  12. Avatar

    God bless our President!

  13. Avatar

    "Trump, 74, has been criticised for playing down severity of virus and often spurning masks and social distancing" – BBC

  14. Avatar

    China, where the hell is there head? Somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine. Biden is in bed with China. America doesn’t need China. Trump . Trump 2020 💯🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️

  15. Avatar

    Get well president Trump 🙏🏻. We will be right here waiting for you. Blessing and prayers for the Trump family. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  16. Avatar
    Gustavo Cardoso Moreira

    Both of the leaders disgust me.

  17. Avatar

    President Donald Trump called Chinese President Xi Jinping a "brilliant leader" and "great man" during a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron at the G7 summit in France on Monday.- AUG 2019

  18. Avatar

    ChinA caused this man made version of the virus to get out and I'm not sure yet someone didn't cause this outbreaks in Trump circle intentionally. Remember the democrats support America's advisories, they're on the same side of things they want the destruction of America and it's constitution to control the American people

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    tRump's out joy riding around Walter Reed, forcing people into a car with him. He doesn't care if he infects them. Or like I've thought, he doesn't have covid-19. Just crying wolf. Just another lie and a photo op.

  21. Avatar

    Who cares what the commies think?

  22. Avatar

    t seems many more Americans are going to die in next episode of Trump’s show.

  23. Avatar

    It's only the sniffles, remember? It will be gone by spring, it's a Democrat hoax. Trump's a victim of his own failure.

  24. Avatar

    You must be pretty stupid to have China make fun of you. Keep up the good work, tRump!

  25. Avatar

    No different than CNN or Chinese News Network or Communist News Network.

  26. Avatar

    China needs to be held accountable

  27. Avatar

    The Chinese should shame Trump for this Dem Hoax …thank God 🙏 🙏 he is not fooling them !!!!

  28. Avatar

    FOX is owned by Disney. It doesn’t get much more state owned than that.

  29. Avatar

    Look what China has done to Tibet!

  30. Avatar

    Two wrongs don't make a right. Everything said about trump paying the price for downplaying covid19 is correct. Sycophantic Fox hosts and their selected guests may want to deny reality. But the truth is that Trump is making America more of a worldwide laughing stock daily.

  31. Avatar
    Philippe Haspeslagh

    How is it mocking to point out he paid the price for his gamble? He did.

  32. Avatar

    Folks no matter what be glad you were born in America and not in China. Be thankful for the small freedoms you get every day like sharing your opinion for example. Or choosing were you want to work, getting the weekends off, being able to vote, having enough money to buy something extra every now and then, having a car, expressing your faith, and many many more. Because in China your a robot, locked into a daily routine of work which is picked for you and then you go home and that's your life. We sometimes complain about 40 hours a week. Try 140 hours and barely making enough to survive. The president of China doesn't really call the shots, above him are ten elderly men who make the final choices for what's going to happen for China, the president is just the go between for these elderly men and the people. That's how communism works. Again be thankful for the small things here in America, it could be much, much worse.

  33. Avatar

    I mean if Trumpo the clown actually followed all protocols and guidelines from the CDC at his rallies he wouldnt have contracted it.

  34. Avatar

    If anybody believes the COVID-19 statistics put out by the CCP, I have a nice snowmobile franchise in Miami to sell them. [Wink.] LOL! LOL! JMO.

  35. Avatar
    Philippe Haspeslagh

    I am affraid a lot of nations are reassessing their relationship with usa , whereas otherwise they would indeed have focused on trump
    The usa is to many outside almost behaving as a banana republic internally and a bully externally

  36. Avatar
    Philippe Haspeslagh

    I meant focused on china

  37. Avatar

    Of course they would, no one is surprised

  38. Avatar
    Jay Jay the Stuka

    Trumps diagnosis is funny af 😂

  39. Avatar

    Ironic that doctors have him medication from China and Cuba

  40. Avatar

    MADE IN AMERICA✌️✌️✌️ Trade with Chyyna is like making our enemy more powerful.

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