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Chinese official defends 'excessive force' of Hong Kong police

A Chinese embassy minister has spoken to Sky News about whether Beijing will use live ammunition to stop violent Hong Kong protests.

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  1. Avatar

    It's worse in America, the double standard is expected.

  2. Avatar

    Yeah, French government also defended the excessive force on protesters ( 11 died, 2500 wounded) , how about that sky and BBC news?

  3. Avatar

    Let them get on with it,don't get involved,just get all the money markets into London.lies of course China is running Hong Kong.

  4. Avatar

    *As a result of President XI-NA Inconsistent…..

  5. Avatar

    What a brainwashed commie fascist this puppet of the CCP is. It's obvious to the world that China is losing this fight everyday, their legitimacy is eroding away. Won't be long before the brain washed rural folk of China revolt. It's only the rich and the gangsters that are happy with the CCP and the corrupt Chinese government. China, has a very very long standing history of atrocious human rights abuses. There is clearly absolutely no rule of law there. Look at the trial history it's a joke.

  6. Avatar

    This man is a brainwashed ccp pig 🐖

  7. Avatar

    China plants some triad members to act violently then opens fire on the entire majority of millions protesting peacefully. Please…

  8. Avatar

    Mean while in America people are planning to mass together to look for aliens.

  9. Avatar

    Isn’t it obvious that he was going to defend it he is from the Chinese embassy 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. Avatar

    0:55; by pointing out that he is from the "people's repuplic of China" he indirectly approved of the existence of the "republic of China; Taiwan" and hence broke with the idea of "one China". I sense thought crime and deportation to an ideological- re-educational establishment.

  11. Avatar

    Democracy is owned by the banks <<< HONG KONG THAT

  12. Avatar

    That Martin Lee point was very interesting.

  13. Avatar

    lol “excessive force”. Why doesnt Sly news show massive amount of clips showing the rioters heckling the police, throwing bricks at the police, punching a journalist and tying him up whilst throwing racial abuse at him. Why not show the rioters charge at police and destroy public property including that of a politican family gravestone. Propoganda at its finest by Sly News

  14. Avatar

    This IS a part of China so do the rest of us have a real moral basis to criticize them? Hasn't been that long ago here in the US that black people were jailed for trying to eat with the rest of the people. France committed awful atrocities to try to keep Algeria.

  15. Avatar

    Please see some facts that Western media will not report. https://youtu.be/Tg73dlQxeTE

  16. Avatar

    Shame on the UN to allow such atrocities in HK, Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, West of China (Chinese Muslims), and other countries around the world whom are suffering for so long. Shame shame.

  17. Avatar

    Never forget Tiananmen Square. The Chinese can't be trusted and neither should this man; he is a puppet

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