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China’s Next Economic Transformation: Going Carbon Neutral by 2060 | WSJ

In the biggest climate commitment made by any nation, China pledged to go carbon neutral by 2060. While it will be challenging for Beijing to achieve its goal, China’s plan to become a green superpower will have ripple effects around the world. Illustration: Crystal Tai

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  1. Avatar

    their lying like with the coronavirus and concentration camps

  2. Avatar

    Good now it’s time for the US to follow

  3. Avatar

    China lies it does not plan to do that at all

  4. Avatar

    If China can reach her target of eradicating poverty in her nation of 1.4 Billion people by the end of 2020, she can achieve this too by 2060.
    Wait and see !

  5. Avatar

    It's always funny to see people criticize China for being the #1 polluter when 99% of the things you use are all made there so what did you think was going to happen? Not to mention they have 1.4 BILLION people. If you go by per capita, China is only ranked #56 while western nations such as the US, Australia, and Canada are ranked 11,12 and 15th. Buncha hypocrites.


  6. Avatar

    One key metric which I've heard is that Solar Energy is finally competitive with oil directly, in terms of cost per unit energy, in areas like Texas. This makes China's plans significantly more achievable and unambitious than if they were to be declared 20 years ago; that is, this is going to be well within what China does best: Scaling something already achievable up to ludicrous scales, and finishing off the last problems with the technology until it is just done well. I still expect the first 10 years to be a gongshow that will cause the rest of the world to laugh; followed by the next 20 to be one where we fall silent unless we're desperate haters, because that seems to be the pattern overall.

  7. Avatar

    China won't exist in 2060.
    I spent three weeks traversing it to see what's going on.
    Massive poverty , massive internal suppression , massive corruption , etc.
    Information will eventually cause rebellion and the ccp will fall. It will be ugly .
    I'm certain of this.
    It's a dark, awful place. Anti human place. It's vast and the cultural and language variety would astound the average person. We really don't comprehend China properly.
    Our job. Economically strangle them to accelerate their demise.

  8. Avatar

    Trump: Climate change is fake news

  9. Avatar

    East Asia: Plan to reduce all carbon emissions by 2050
    America: Socialist takeover of American independence and freedom to drive big gas-guzzling trucks, ride planes, eat hamburgers.
    Also America: Let's be racist to Asian-Americans for being Asians

  10. Avatar
    Alparslan Korkmaz

    We will see what future brings us.

  11. Avatar

    Excuse me! But, does anyone really believe in any statistics, data or project of any kind, shape or form made by the CCP ?? If yes, these people must be still living in caves and without any wifi connection. Lol!!

  12. Avatar

    CHINA is Smart when it comes to growing an ECONOMY

  13. Avatar

    Americans emit more than twice the amount of carbon dioxide per capita, why aren't you guys making any pledge? Like, cutting down your own ridiculous amount of consumption to begin with.

  14. Avatar

    Honestly, if any country can achieve this ahead of time and under budget, it would be China. When it comes to large infrastructure projects no one beats china, the US has been struggling to build a single high-speed rail track from LA to SF. Also the while the rest of the world has been pushing to shut down nuclear–the only proven clean energy system–China has been innovating in the nuclear field.

  15. Avatar

    China has the MOST greenhouse emissions of any country on the planet. This is actually WAY overdue.

    The US has been steadily decreasing it’s greenhouse emissions by giving private companies incentives to build renewable energy sources.

  16. Avatar
    Time To Destination

    Also China, manipulate their GDP to looks good for foreigner investor. Go to Factwire.org to see the report just came out today. FactWire News Agency is the first and only independent newsroom that specialises in investigative journalism in Hong Kong.

  17. Avatar
    Time To Destination

    Also Beijing "we will end all poverty in China by 2020"

  18. Avatar

    I bet you Western/white nations will ban Chinese companies from selling their green tech, just like they did with Huawei.

  19. Avatar

    Are there really no more bad news about China that WSJ can report about?

  20. Avatar

    ccp always lie, it’s their nature to lie.

  21. Avatar

    wooo what happened America?you running out of negative news about China?

  22. Avatar

    2060? What's the Chinese word for too late?

  23. Avatar

    This move will push innovation to levels not seen yet.

  24. Avatar

    Music reminds me of John harris

  25. Avatar

    China is a model that other countries should learn from it.

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