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China to test entire city of Qingdao after COVID-19 cases emerge

Authorities in China’s Qingdao said on Monday they would test the city’s entire population of more than nine million people for COVID-19 during the next five days after new cases appeared linked to a hospital treating people who had been confirmed with the disease after returning from overseas.
The coastal city, nearly 700km (435 miles) southeast of Beijing, reported six new COVID-19 cases and six asymptomatic cases as of late October 11 with most of the cases linked to the Qingdao Chest Hospital.
China has extensive, quick test capabilities and the health commission said more than 140,000 employees of “medical institutions, newly admitted patients and personnel” had been tested in Qingdao since the cases were confirmed.
After the announcement, the National Health Commission (NHC) said mainland China had 21 confirmed COVID-19 cases on October 11. The report did not, but not include any confirmed infections in Qingdao, and it was not immediately clear why.

Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley reports.

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  1. Avatar

    That Annie Sparrow sounds very salty…

  2. Avatar

    China doesn't care about you western think, they do what they think is the best and fastest way to fight the virus

  3. Avatar

    Don't you really trust them ? They are all professional actors

  4. Avatar

    How well managed China 9 milon test in five days really is wonderfull where U.s cant

  5. Avatar

    I am a westerner working in Qingdao. The testing has been smooth and easy… and free.

  6. Avatar

    My people did a good job obeying by my instructions.

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    facts and pictures speaks louder than slandering. China quickly brought a contagious pandemic under control. the result speaks louder than these so called "it's China's fault" slanderers.

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    that guest woman is spreading the political virus saying It is not a good method to contain virus and lying about China.

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    China has no secrets in preventing the new coronavirus. Three key elements: 1 Productivity, including masks, ventilators, disinfectant… These sanitary products can be produced independently. 2 The government's organizational capacity, the government can quickly coordinate and mobilize epidemic prevention personnel and epidemic prevention materials. This ability is a standard KPI to measure the effectiveness of a government. 3 The trust of citizens in the government. Ordinary countries have two elements that can successfully prevent the new coronavirus. In China, these three elements are full marks. So China completely defeated the virus

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    Mohamed A. Hussein

    Al Jazeera English BS:
    @ 0:36 Chinese LIE (long history) & yet there's no Corona virus!
    Brits don't lie (But have long Hx as Opium Pushers) But UK is not Corona virus free.
    Accusing China of lying all the time in the long run may prove 2 people of ur OWN KIND of your RACISM.

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    There are not as many infections as the White House.

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    China can never be out of virus.They eats all kinds of viruses.

  14. Avatar
    Sae Elliot Quinberyn

    1:20 Korean?

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    the interviewee simply doesnt want to say anything positive about china. her mind is also poisoned.

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    with 12 new cases, China is locking down the whole city and testing everyone, that's 9 million in 5 days. don't forget people leaving Qingdao in the last 10 days will also be traced, tested and quarantined.we're talking about another 5 million people. in total, China will test 14 million people in days just to make sure no one is missed.almost every Chinese has a phone, you can't hide anything in China.

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    The "virus" emerged from the 5G rollout in the city.

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    China speed!!!👍👍👍

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    Land of pîss and pôôp

    Lol… That woman so called expert is so anti China. Jerry was right. He lived stream his video earlier today in Qingdao saying that he had better get to the ground 1st before the western media lies about China. He was right.

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    bullshit commentator disgusting media. China has contained covid a long time. jealousy can only make you ugly.

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    To put it in context Shendong, in which Qingdao belongs to, as a province has recorded a total of 401 coronavirus cases fro the whole pandemic until is has found 9 cases yesterday. In the last 58 days there has not been a coronavirus case on China's soil (record is now broken) and no one has died from covid 19 for 150 days according to Johns Hopkins Univerisity web site.
    China has brough the transmission under control. Apart from Wuhan there are only 4 provinces with 4 digit infected cases and none of them has more than 2000 cases.
    The Qingdao is the second city China tests every citizen. It tested every of the 11 millions of Wuhan and pulled out some 300 positive cases back in early June and that operation took two weeks. China has plan to test the 9 millions in Qingdao in 5 days.

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    1:03 "Contracted the virus overseas" F for lying China you're groung zero, anyone on this planet that has the virus "you got it from China!" thanks China for messing up the planet

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    who cares about china and testing, the cure is what matters

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    Well done to China for containing the virus. It just shows how strong and capable the leadership of their government are and the strong relationship and trust the Chinese people have on their government. Whereas over here in Britain, people still don't want to wear the mask and has zero trust on the government. Rather than pointing finger at one another, I think we need to learn and work together to end this global pandemic.

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    These guys are leading the world without care. They do it their own way and are winning. My friends in China say they are living well

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