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Chileans celebrate getting rid of Pinochet dictatorship's constitution

Wild celebrations were seen across Chile Sunday night after its people voted overwhelmingly in favour of throwing out the constitution left by the regime of 1973-1990 dictator Augusto Pinochet in a landmark referendum. People filled the streets to celebrate a crushing victory for the ‘Approve’ campaign – which won by 78.28 percent to 21.72 with over 99 percent of the votes counted. The vote came a year to the day after more than one million people thronged downtown Santiago amidst a wave of social unrest that left 30 people dead and thousands wounded. Demand for a new constitution had been a recurring theme of the protests, set off last year by a hike in public transport fares. For those supporting change, the constitution is seen as an obstacle to meaningful social reforms, and a new one is necessary to provide more equitable access to private health care, education and pension systems.

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    England just entered Dark Ages of Marxism Dictatorship

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    Wish we could get rid of our UK government with some fire……..

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    4 comments (this 5) yet I count only 2 comments……. but remember you defend freedom of speech…

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    We need this in Britain.

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    Finally sorted the legacy of that nasty dictator. We should do the same here and reverse the evil policies of his friend Margaret Thatcher

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    Daily reminder these people burned down a church in "protest"

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    Blame UK …they the one put him in power

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