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Chile protests: Thousands rally demanding government

People in Chile have returned to the streets in advance of the anniversary of last year’s massive protests.
It was mainly peaceful during the day, but turned violent with police firing tear gas and water cannon.
Demonstrators say they are still waiting for the government to fix social inequality and rewrite the constitution.
Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Santiago, Chile.

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  1. Avatar

    May democracy win!

  2. Avatar
    Bunker Baby dRumph

    I love seeing people protesting against gov't tyranny!

  3. Avatar

    Just give them some good chilli to calm down.

  4. Avatar

    2020, year of protest and pandemic

  5. Avatar

    Waiting for al Jazeera news about beheading in France

  6. Avatar

    They can buy riot gear but not help their constituents. Sad really.

  7. Avatar
    Андрей Мартини :

    Fucken dictators

  8. Avatar

    Crazy part is the worst government on Earth is the one pushing these riots. China. Dont be fools.

  9. Avatar

    Bunch of marxists. Chile is the richest nation in South America and they want to change that

  10. Avatar

    Seems like muslim influence

  11. Avatar

    The world has gone crazy

  12. Avatar
    Riezkamasduqihasan Hasan

    Yaa Allah . Everywhere Demonstrate
    What's wrong with the World

  13. Avatar

    Estas personas protestan y destruyes nuestro pais son delincuentes que solo quieres destruir

  14. Avatar

    Government changing, government changing. You first change Government in Qtar, then inspiring revolution.

  15. Avatar

    Radical Leftists/Communist just like what's happening in Thailand and, of course, in the U.S. These violent "movements" must be opposed.

  16. Avatar

    communism = violence

  17. Avatar
    Fred Hampton's Ghost

    We're living in a revolutionary epoch. Onwards to world socialism!

  18. Avatar
    Andethidial bubabibub

    Finally ✊✊✊
    Fight back.. Peaceful as long as they stop killing us.. When they shoot, don't run.. Get them and hold them accountable right there..

  19. Avatar
    Adam the Chromefish

    Just like Seattle

  20. Avatar

    Get rid of neoliberalism greedy system

  21. Avatar
    The richest Man in babylon

    Chile,Nigeria,Thailand, America India to name a few 2020 sure is savage

  22. Avatar
    cristobal alvarado

    Many people who protest do not know what the constitution is.

    Problems can be solved with new laws and with the will of politicians, but socialist movements have deceived people with their populism

  23. Avatar
    Aydan van Schwann

    Isnt Chile like the… Best country in south America

  24. Avatar

    Ese no es el país en que crecí y dejé hace 38 años , ahora da vergüenza y pena

  25. Avatar

    2020 would get more worse

  26. Avatar

    Marxists= Destrucction

  27. Avatar
    victor gallano goldemberg

    1 year old

  28. Avatar

    Local antifas paid by local communists. Sore election loosers. The only change they got is more unemployment

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