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'Children are brought here by coyotes': Trump and Biden square off on immigration

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have squared off over immigration policies, including the US government being unable to locate the parents of more than 500 immigrant children. ‘Children are brought here by coyotes and lots of bad people, cartels, and they’re brought here and they used to use them to get into our country. We now have as strong a border as we’ve ever had,’ Trump said. The president also criticised immigration under the previous Obama-Biden administration, including the catch and release policy, saying ‘those with the lowest IQ’ were the only ones who returned for an immigration hearing
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  1. Avatar

    If there so called parents cared the kids wouldn't be lost without parents what is Joe talking about.

  2. Avatar

    How can anyone be against preventative measures for child trafficking?

  3. Avatar

    genuinely how dare he say that about kids being brought by coyotes when they’re actually being brought by parents who’ve endangered their lives in order to simple get a better one? if u vote for trump then you’re vile

  4. Avatar

    The guardian name is a joke a true name would be the daily liar

  5. Avatar

    this is all the media could crop to as ever, make trump seem evil? so still no mentions of laptop? Gaurdian is a joke 😂😋

  6. Avatar

    Obama administration started it ! Get your facts straight

  7. Avatar

    That's want happen to the (紅c) in Hong Kong by chinA police. CATCH AND RELEASE

  8. Avatar

    Unusual for the Guardian to post a video promoting Donald Trump, so refreshing.

  9. Avatar

    Biden's pupils seem to be massively dilated.

  10. Avatar

    One of trumps original statements was that kids were being taken over the boarder by gangsters pretending they were families so they get better treatment, now these gangsters dump the kids and ran leaving the kid they dont know, somehow thats trumps fault, seriously?!?

  11. Avatar

    Trump was great here, much calmer than the first one. Biden had nothing at all of worth to say. Pretty clear Biden is the corrupt one, although not as bad as Al-Gore and the Clintons.

  12. Avatar

    Edited by the Guardian…say no more

  13. Avatar

    That’s why 500 parents cannot be found because they are NOT the parents ……what real parent wouldn’t make inquiries about their child. Biden is dangerous to the USA make no mistake

  14. Avatar

    The guardian is just awful. Biden got destroyed. It's over. Let it go.

  15. Avatar

    "ThInK oF tHe ChIlDrEn!!1" is forever the weakest appeal to voters. They're not thinking of kids like we do; they see wet holes and organs, not actual children.

  16. Avatar

    Trump is onto something!

  17. Avatar

    Tell it how it is President Trump they don’t like it !

  18. Avatar

    May we find the narrow gate and then take the little travelled path that leads to salvation!!

  19. Avatar

    Biden’s Laptop Matters ….. BLM

  20. Avatar

    They get separated to check they’re not being trafficked. It’s happened under Obama too…. apparently though the democrats love pedophiles.

  21. Avatar

    ( يَنْظُرُونَ مِنْ طَرْفٍ خَفِيٍّ )

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