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Cheslea star Tammy Abraham faced racist abuse after match

Chelsea forward Tammy Abraham speaks to CNN’s Darren Lewis about the racist abuse he received following a penalty miss in the UEFA Super Cup. #CNN #News

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    how will this poor defenseless man ever carry on? And made his mamma cry too, that's messed up. This definitely proves that Trump is racist . Cause CNN got to spin details tomorrow

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    I think it's his hairstyle that has made most of the people think he's an attention seeker. It's only the left-wing fucked faced faggots that make a big deal out of it !!! This cocksucker is nothing if he doesn't have his tattoos his hairstyle and his piercings correct ???!!!

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    It's always interesting because every time a negro has some derogatory comment it's always not against the way they played it's because they are Negroes.

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    So should we have Negroes lead us into the valley unforget from this forever or should we say unto the Negroes we can cure cancer possibly and you can't even cure the whooping cough

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    Oh please…the race card again ? Loser 🤡
    Probably some white folks pay him millions for him playing with a bal…damn racists 😎

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    CNN coverage of some racism garbage overseas… no coverage of a Republican sweep in the North Carolina special elections.

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    It's just show racism still exist……. if anyone are offended by this comment you are a racist hands down

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    I’m white and I ignore racism because I don’t want to think it’s their but it is and it needs to be stopped. #DOWN WITH RACISM ✌🏿✌🏾✌🏽✌🏼✌🏻

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    The Genocide of Africans in the Congo by Belgium has led to Brussels ruling the world with their BIS money printing machine. I understand why you sow fear and hatred of us Blacks because you know what is going to happen to you the first chance we get. All we have to do is take back what is rightfully ours and every American and Western European Caucasoid will be instantly ruined. I won't be distracted.

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    Cool hes black Europe should still remain white majority.

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    Some are saying CNN is pushing racism. What? Do you know who is actually pushing racism? Actual racist saying and doing racist things. Covering the racism, that people like Fox News would want you to believe is a hoax, is not pushing racism.

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    A good beating always brings mentally deficient Democrats back down to earth

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    Old news 💤💤💤💤 month old step up your news game

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    Race baiting, anti-white, enemy of the people, FAKE NEWS CNN!

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    I'm English & White, the Racist ranting & Bullshit they have to take because of the colour of there skin is disgusting. I do not want to even consider these idiots as human they are beyond belief.

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    Once again, the Blue Wave failed to deliver. GOP sweeps special election in North Carolina, that and more of my shenanigans with Fredo tonight at 10pm EST.

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    The Africans & Arabs don't belong in Europe. Europe belong to Europeans. Why is CNN never do a story about how the Africans & Arabs are invading Europe?

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    When the communist left take over he'll be dark meat for that huge pay check he has.

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