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Census Worker Worries U.S. At Risk For ‘Massive Undercount’ | NBC News NOW

Some census workers are speaking out sharing concerns that they may not be getting a complete count. NBC News Joe Fryer spoke with some counters who requested anonymity, that say the U.S. is at risk for a “massive undercount.”
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Census Worker Worries U.S. At Risk For ‘Massive Undercount’ | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    The illegals DO NOT COUNT

  2. Avatar

    The Republican-Russian wrecking-ball fascist racist racket…a violent smash-and-grab affair leaving a trail of American corpses, broken families and nation, suffering, and tears.

  3. Avatar

    Screw the census… I’m a single 40 year old white guy.. there I answered it as best as you’ll get… my future gets nothing out of answering it

  4. Avatar

    Traitor-'n-Thief Toxic Trump is a compromised Russian asset who puts his own personal interests–legal, financial, and egotistical–ahead of the national interest in both domestic and foreign policy. A clear and present danger to himself and others. U.S. #1 national security threat sits in the Oval.

    Republicans: Like to play dumb, demonstrating just how really, REALLY dumb they are. Complicity renders them likewise a clear and present danger to themselves, others, the nation. Decades of programming from right-wing media, demagogues, plutocrats, religious grifters, and seedy politicians created a mindless, fascist Republican cult, too hyper-partisan to place national interest over ignorant tribalism. GOP chained themselves to the rabid, ravenous beast of willful ignorance consuming them, which they created, nourished, and exploited.

  5. Avatar

    Republicans: “Democracy is great…just so long as we can subvert it to gain power and maintain our corrupt minority fascist rule!”

  6. Avatar

    Support a Census redo after vaccine has produced herd immunity from COVID-19.

  7. Avatar

    Kamela Harris is watching the news and hears that 2 Brazilian men died from Coronavirus.

    She cried and asked, "Oh my gosh, how many is a Brazilian?"

  8. Avatar

    Vote Blue this year. Republicans have shown us they have lost their integrity.

  9. Avatar

    Thank you for the Republicans since your census is going to be not counted right I guess your states in the red states are going to get less money

  10. Avatar
    Angie J's Johnson

    The Census is So important shouldn't be cancelled right now

  11. Avatar

    I'm a 37yr old American, I have never in my life received a knock on the door or a piece of mail from the US Census Bureau.

    I assume it's up to me to reach out to them, but if that's true, what is this video even about?

  12. Avatar

    2:55 – Making up immigrant numbers?! And y'all say voting won't be a hoax? Shame on all of you. Thanks.

  13. Avatar

    If Biden wins. Biden needs to do the Census again. Because Trump's incompetence shows volumes. Trump is destroying our institutions. The Post Office is a good example.

  14. Avatar

    This how all Federal Government agency is Chaos organized uncouth no leadership but hey it starts from the top it trickles down

  15. Avatar

    The Federal Government is old and out dated there systems is the fuckem worst management is wicked trust me ik currently Federal Government worker

  16. Avatar

    The people at the Trump administration need to be held accountable for their deleriction of duty. If some of them go to prison, that will deter somebody in the future from act in an unlawful manner.

  17. Avatar

    Who would trust this administration with census data?
    The census I saw basically only cared about your heritage and family structure. Here in CA there were 3 separate questions attempting to identify if you identify as having Latino/Latinx/south American/Caribbean heritage.
    If you are white..it was 1 question, if you are black 1 question, Asian you got 1 question…..how does that work?
    Why would they need that data?

  18. Avatar
    Angie J's Johnson

    True But We need accurate information for low income communities and No Errors school funding Climate Control Mexicans in US

  19. Avatar

    love the scary music the news media adds to make this more threatening

  20. Avatar

    I’ve had my census taken three times this year and two of them were taken by the same guy. When I told him I recognized him and confronted him about coming out again, he tried to deny it and then finally said you caught me and said he would not come back.

  21. Avatar

    Quick!, what historical figure said, governments in perplexity,

  22. Avatar

    Soooooo…will the 2020 census effect the vote? Thank you Chris Hayes.

  23. Avatar

    Looks like the american people do not trust the government.

  24. Avatar

    What difference does it make? The census workers are still getting paid so i highly doubt they give the slighest fk.

  25. Avatar

    Well if your city isn’t funded properly you will all feel it. Your roads will be worse and schools will have to close for lack of funding.

  26. Avatar

    They want it that way. So when your state or city needs help there will be no funds and that’s what they want. The kids won’t have food at their schools.

  27. Avatar

    When you rattle my window trying to force me too be on it then i won't. 1 under counted here.

  28. Avatar

    They're sick. Just tell me how many is your house, that's all i wanna know. No,you can get tf away from me and my family. I should shoot each one,and then they want to do another census count again.

  29. Avatar

    The ramifications of 2020 will be felt for decades to come, from the failed leadership of Donald Trump to the pandemic of covid-19 and everything in between.

  30. Avatar

    I agree that the census should be readministered after the pandemic is resolved

  31. Avatar

    Mask up and visit Activistpost.com

  32. Avatar

    why chose her as a news host…no better choices ?!

  33. Avatar
    Nicole McWilliams

    I find the census a little defensive when they are asking for race how is that important. it's not at all

  34. Avatar

    The president knows what Mussolini knew: Some audiences crave images that offer false reassurance and over-the-top displays of power.

  35. Avatar

    Vote blue….
    And get ppl to redo the census in 2022?

  36. Avatar

    It's unbelievable that in a supposedly advanced country like the USA nothing works properly, the census, the elections, the post office, the health system, the education, the military, etc. Most Banana republics do a better job.

  37. Avatar

    I agree with the census bureau, and the blame is on them..they are'nt doing their best to assist individuals with the census, and you can rarely get anybody on line.
    And not one numerator, has tried to contact people, in particular areas.
    This man is lieing.

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