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Celebrations as Osiris-Rex spacecraft touches down on asteroid Bennu

Nasa staff celebrate after successfully landing the Osiris-Rex spacecraft on the asteroid Bennu in a mission to collect surface samples and return them to Earth. The spacecraft made contact after a four-hour descent and two years orbiting the asteroid 200m miles from Earth. After the operation to collect samples, it then lifted off to begin its return journey to Earth where it is expected to arrive in 2023
Nasa Osiris-Rex spacecraft lands on asteroid Bennu in mission to collect dust

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    Anyone else wonder with so much technology why cant there be video cameras so they can show the landing or the approach to asteroid? Its wierd no?

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    Beautiful. Humanity coming together to achieve this.

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    ن وَالْقَلَمِ وَمَا يَسْطُرُونَ (1)

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    The first step to mining asteroids

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    Excellent. Science rules. Each star in the night sky is some sorta planet like that

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    When does it landed ? And how many hours it will be on asteroid ?

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    And here comes the flat-earther Karens

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    great, only the americans can do this stuff. great admiration for nasa

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