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Ceasefire broken in Nagorno-Karabakh as apartment block hit by shelling – BBC News

A ceasefire brokered by Russia between Armenia and Azerbaijan – to try and end recent fighting has been breached within 24 hours.

The two countries have a long-running dispute over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Azerbaijan has accused Armenia of committing a war crime after an apartment block in the city of Ganja was shelled.

Mishal Husain presents BBC News at Ten reporting by international correspondent Orla Guerin in Ganja and Steve Rosenberg in the Armenian town of Goris.

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    We Europeans side with Armenia, our christian brothers. We stand with you Nagorno-Karabakh in your brave struggle for independence from azerbaijani oppression.

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    i'm confused? if nagorno karabakh/ arstsakh is armenian, let them be! you already know the history of armenians- they already live there, why start a fight? coz you want the land? Coz you think , you believe they stole the land? if they stole the land why are they living there? perhaps in history it really is their historical land? maybe 50% their historical land? certainly you don't think armenian people just decided to live on lands that isnt't their lands after thousands of years? I think i'm not 100% convinced azeris have called it right on this. I THINK artsakh is armenia, part of armenia and i'm not sure where the oil or gas or strategic importance is in this battle

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    Matthew 24:7 – For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

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    Anush Hovhannisyan

    BBC that is an appalling reporting with shamefully unequal coverage. The reports from the past days are a shame to British journalism.

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    Azerbaijan knows these are not their lands and that is the reason it had to hire mercenaries to invade Artsakh. A soldier fights for his own land, but Aliyev and Azerbaijan didn't, because they know these are not their lands.
    If Azerbaijan claims that Artsakh has been its territory, then why did they build Armenian churches as a Muslim nation?

    Or where was Azerbaijan when a monastery was built in Artsakh in the 4th century

    And plus the Tigranakert built BC 🇦🇲

    ⛪ Gandzasar Monastery (4th century) and St. Hovhannes Mkrtich church (1216-1238)

    ⛪ Dadivank (4th century) and Catholic (9-11th century)

    ⛪ Amaras Monastery (4th century)

    ⛪ St. Gevorg of Tsitsernavank (4-5th century)

    ⛪ Gtchavank (4-13th century)

    Yeghishe Apostle Monastery (Jrvshtik) (5th century), Mataghis

    ⛪ Vankasar White Cross (5th century)

    ⛪ Qataro Monastery of Dizapayt and St. Mary (5th century)

    ⛪ Bread Bri (7-17 century)

    ⛪ Mokhrenis Okht door monastery (7-17th century)

    ⛪ St. Hakobavank of Kolatak (9th century)

    ⛪ The Holy Savior of Zori (9th century)

    St. Stepanos of Tsmakahogh (9-10th century)

    ⛪ Spitak cross monastery of Hadrut Vank village (10th century)

    ⛪ Chartari Yeghisha Kusi desert (12th round)

    ⛪ St. Gevorg of Zankatagh (12th century)

    ⛪ Khotavank (12-13th century)

    ⛪ St. Mary's virgin desert of Karvachar (12-13th century)

    ⛪ Saint Paul's Savior (12-13th century)

    ⛪ Miss Shoshkavank St. Mary (13th century)

    ⛪ Horeka Monastery (13th century)

    ⛪ Kavakavank (14th century)

    ⛪ Gospel St. Gayane's desert (1616)

    ⛪ The Holy Resurrection of Hadrut (1621)

    ⛪ Pirumashen (1641)

    ⛪ St. Mary of the Gospel (1651)

    ⛪ St. Stepanos of the Cross (1654)

    ⛪ Shoshi New Church (1655)

    ⛪ St. Pandaleon of Berdadzor (Parin Pij) (1658)

    ⛪ Ghevondyants desert of Moshmhat (1658)

    ⛪ Haki St. Minas (1673)

    ⛪ St. Grigoris church of Herher (1676)

    ⛪ Tsakuri Tsakhkavank St. Mary's (1682)

    ⛪ Yeritsmank monastery (1691)

    ⛪ Kashunik Masrik church (1694)

    ⛪ Desert Saint the Savior (Napat) (17th century)

    ⛪ Saint Stepanos (17th century)

    ⛪ Bovurkhan Monastery Complex (17th century)

    ⛪ St. Hovhannes Mkrtich of the line (1736)

    ⛪ Holy Mother of God (1740)

    ⛪ St. Stepanos of Padara (18th century)

    ⛪ St. Mary of Mushkapat (18th century)

    ⛪ St. Mary of Dashushen (1843)

    ⛪ St. John the Baptism of Shushi (1847)

    ⛪ St. Mary of Nngi (1853)

    ⛪ St. John Karapet of Martakert (1857)

    ⛪ St. Mary of Aygestan (1860)

    ⛪ St. Mary's Stone (1862)

    ⛪ Holy Savior of Shushi (1868-1887)

    ⛪ St. Mary of Ashan (1896)

    ⛪ St. Gevorg of Astghashen (1898)

    ⛪ St. Gevorg of Mataghis (1898)

    Artsakh was, is and will be Armenian lands.

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    I hope for the best of both sides

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    Shame on you Armenia!

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    Why are you talking about the downed plane? It was a fake that no one could prove … And now we have to believe that BBC is a serious media agency?
    When you saying that Karabakh is disputed territories.
    In fact – Karabakh is a internationally recognised as Azerbaijan.
    How can you misinform people?!
    How can we trust if you provide fakes and unverified facts? If your news is politicized and presents the occupying country and the affected country as equals? If you have never even mentioned the international norms that indicate that Armenia must immediately withdraw its troops from the territory of Azerbaijan. Why don't you raise the question that it is the Armenian troops that are on the territory of Azerbaijan, hiding behind a lie, that these are the troops of Karabakh? Where does Karabakh have so many weapons, whose are they and where are so many soldiers from? Karabakh is inhabited by about 150 thousand people – along with the elderly, women and children. How many real soldiers can there be? Where does 150 thousand of Karabakh have so much money to buy tanks, planes, missiles, etc. ?! Why is the son of the Prime Minister of Armenia, a citizen of Armenia, fighting on Azerbaijani lands? What are the soldiers from Armenia doing on the lands of Azerbaijan hundreds of kilometers from Yerevan?

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    Armenian lost trust. Nobody will accept any futher arguments from Armenia.

  10. Avatar

    This war is pointless, i understand your sorrow and the despair that your peolpe had to suffer because of Russia and Armenia, but at the same time we can't just forget that the Azeri goverment persecute and killed armenians on his own territory. What im trying to say that this bloodshed is pointless and only innocent people from both side pay the price of this old hatred between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

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    Armenians are Smart and very Strategic. The world don’t care right now about conflict because of COVID-19 and US election. The Horrors of War will make super-ego Azerbaijan sue for peace with Nagorno-Karabakh/Armenia. Accusations of crimes are for HighSchool. Setting for nothing but Victory.

  12. Avatar

    Long way genocide against Azerbaijani nation.
    Since Armenian were brought from Turkey and Iran on Azerbaijani land.
    Armenians have always called Azerbaijanis – Turks and took revenge on Azerbaijanis for their past problems with Turkey, to which Azerbaijanis had nothing to do. Moreover, Azerbaijan sheltered them on its land, gave them shelter, and lived in peace. And in return he received – expulsion from his lands, where he sheltered Armenians, numerous massacres and destruction of the Azerbaijani nation.

  13. Avatar

    I don’t understand if Russia wants to solve this conflict and bring peace, where watching Russia and whole world without taking any action against armenian AGGRESSION?!

  14. Avatar

    Azerbaijan still on Armenian land what would you expect would happen

  15. Avatar


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    Never trust Azerbaijan for obvious reasons, #defendarmenia

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    The main and only valid point is that Armenia occupied internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan! All the rest are consequences that could be avoided if the armenian soldiers were timely withdrawn according to UN resolutions.

  18. Avatar

    I was wishing best peaceful ceasefire both sides but didn't expect that Armenia is going to attack Azerbaijan. Whats wrong with Armenia??Armenians lost trust!!! Very shame on you!!

  19. Avatar

    Why was it happened?

  20. Avatar

    Hope that all the chain of tragic events that are happening in 2020 isn't leading to WW3 😳

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    LaTrent Donnel Montgomery 23/3 7.666 the Trent(77) July 27(77) 1986 30th Sunday of 1986 Trent 36(86) 72786(30). Does it seem like I'm the standard for Eunuch? I beleive this is my name anagrams https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mHU9bUhan5OqOW2SZo-T6xv6p3fw3cDx/view?usp=drivesdk 23+3 26 God Eight Oh 72 Eunuch(72) brook.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ma7nxVmQBLYaV5Kj-MtuFG4VL3zpffHb/view?usp=drivesdk So I am the Holy Trent from birth I ws born in New Orleans at 3:32 AM on a full moon, 4th Quarter full moon Leo sun aries moon LaTrent is January numerology capricorn and July is 68. Most precise being in existence. Charity Hopsital at coordinates 30 north 90 west. Yes, the Trent is a Christian diety so Christ exists Psalm 2:7, Psalms 89:27 7271986(40)÷7 5.714 the dividend of seven 93? 89 is really different so..if you were wondering I seperated myself from birth to be different from any other. I Chose evenness over seemingly favor. I chose honesty over a false boast. I took no money from anyone without their consent. Now, grace numerology.

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    According to the Office of the President of the self-proclaimed Republic of Artsakh, hostilities commenced when at 08:03 Azerbaijani armed forces launched artillery and aerial strikes against civilian settlements, including the capital, Stepanakert. Authorities urged the population to seek cover in bomb shelters.[
    An air-raid siren was turned on in Stepanakert.

    So who attacked who first?? It was Azerbaijan.

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    Azerbaijan have oil and gas …Russia(Armenia is puppet of Russia) press Azerbaijan because Azerbaijan sell oil and gas to Europe…Karabakh is Azerbaijan, Osetia and Abkhazia is Georgia, Crimea Donetsk Lugansk are Ukraine…fuck off occupant Russia( and puppet armenia)

  24. Avatar

    This is Israel all over again, You cant claim people who have lived in a area for generations do not have rights; disgraceful.

  25. Avatar

    Turkey should be held responsible for the bombing.. Why would Armenia bomb a civilian city outside the battle line? What's the motive? It's clear Turkey is not happy about the conditions of the ceasefire period!!!

  26. Avatar

    To say correctly by Armenian ballistic rockets. Looks like an act of terror.

  27. Avatar

    I'm sure Azerbaijan broke it and I figured they would. They're the ones who started war and it would be stupid for Armenia to.

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    while i understand the suffering caused by Armenia i simply don't understand why we haven't gone in there and told them both to stand down. this was done is Kosovo in the Yugoslav wars( Yugoslavia is the only legit government of that region btw fuck breakaway states). this is part of a larger issue with American policy and mentality. we are so focused on oil that even peace keeping measure and actual good missions turn into another part for the quest for oil. i believe once we get off the petrol dollar and transition to green energy and oil is not a large part of our economy there will not be such a large desire for it. so foreign endeavors will not become so easily muddled in politics and resource wars. because things like this happen so often i mean look at the middle east its a dumpster fire that has been raging since after WW1. since the split of the middle east nations have been waging war for oil. from the Ottoman empire to the British Empire to today with Russia and the United states. We spent 2 decades in the middle east for essentially nothing yes we fought ISIS but that was frankly just an excuse to spread instability and chaos. now this is not a disrespect for the soldiers who fought in these wars they deserve respect they fought for their country so they should not be put to blame( unless they committed war crimes). places like the middle east and central America should be united into on government. for example a central American confederation or a united Arab empire/emirate/republic/commune etc. because the middle east is in a small cold war between Saudi Arabia and Iran and central America i rampant with corruption crime gangs and drugs.(separate issue). in conclusion if they both don't knock off their shit then for the betterment and safety of their people a U.N Military's occupation must ensue. (this is preferable to a Russian or American occupation because the un will be less likely to exploit the people).

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    It is difficult to deliver constructive arguments. These people have been raised and brainwashed for years. For them, history starts from 1000 years ago, when Armenia was great, and justice also starts from there. Not from current day international law, UN resolutions, but from there. And it is impossible to deliver what is wrong with that theory. They have been convinced that if they do not attack the civilians of Karabakh in 90s then the history with Turkey (different region, nation, time) will repeat in Karabakh (which was anything but justified as it has a right for internal self-determination to its full). They are still convinced they did the right thing back then, and have no remorse. And the hatred to all turkic and muslim people has also been masterfully cultured by their government…

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    Elizabeth Francis

    If Earth were allowed to prosper unhindered – america and uk would totally collapse

  32. Avatar

    U don't cover what azerbaijan has done but u show as if Armenia is not affected

  33. Avatar

    4 reasons why karabakh can't be autonomous
    1: it can't sustain itself alone as a country ( ask yourself can you make your house an independent country? Why not?)
    2: its controlled by Armenian politicians and Armenian army hence not independent hence occupation
    3: even if they get the claimed land they would still be surrounded by Azerbaijani land 360 degrees
    4: no country is recognizing this so called autonomous state

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    Azerbaijan started the war and this is the result of that.

  35. Avatar

    Second lady interviewed is also an Azerbaijani Turkish. She is not from " other side of the border " at all as BBC made up. So the message given is Azerbaijani side wants death death more death whereas Armenians want peace, noone should die as BBC reporter fails to declare that both ladies they spoke to were from Ganja.

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    Leah Porter-Samuels

    Oh so sad to see. All the best from New Zealand

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    Russia or United States of America Have to stop this. If not more people. More incident people will die 🇷🇺. 🇺🇸 need to do something. ASAP

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