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CDC redefines COVID-19 ‘close contact’ | ABC News

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention redefined “close contact” with someone with COVID-19 to include briefer, but repeated encounters adding up to 15 minutes over a 24-hour period.

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    Thank goodness I only spend 14 minutes and 59 seconds with my peers each day.

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    I thought we already had a second wave I’m so confused 🤦‍♂️

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    No proof no facts just political propaganda. Viruses cannot travel unless willfully transmitted into public. This is all a political lie. The liars are cursed everything they do will fail. Everyone living by the lie is cursed. Proof that the CDC is a lie. They refuse to clean city streets and squaller. The CDC says nothing at all about allowing garbage and human fieces to collect and pile on city streets. This is factual proof the CDC is a false political propaganda cult. The CDC has made no attempt to prove a viruse was transmitted. If a viruse was intentionally transmitted it would be traced all the way to the source. The CDC refuses to tell the truth about viruses and the humane immune system, they withhold truth and known facts. The CDC is a lie. The CDC allows toxic poisens and chemicals in farming. Proof the CDC is a lie.

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    idk still think they are scaring us to not vote – what if its radiation or something like that? im scared of those 5g towers

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    Is it surprising? Who said it's ok to open schools?

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    I for one WILL NOT be getting some fast tracked unproven vaccine. Nor will anyone I've talked to about it.

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    I keep my close contact to 14 minutes.

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    Did anyone actually ever believe 6 feet kept the virus away? Of course it circulates, especially in shared air. Same with those useless plastic barriers at registers, the air circulates right around them 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    El Mestizo gObLiNo

    I want whatever trump had

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    I would sit and read an entire list of names of all the people that died from covid just to verify. Names need to match the same amount of obituaries and burials.

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    look at the deaths daily world wide, you are all getting scammed, do something about it

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    Icecream Headache

    Could it have to do with how much radiation you have been exposed too? Why does Pirbright institute have the covid 19 patent? Really dislike planed demise demics. Hey, Gates what surprises do you have in that vaccination?

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    I have better chances getting hiv from a hooker then covid-19

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    Can anyone stop 🛑 all this nonsense at the end of the day everyone will be infected just like flu if everyone listens to Trump from the beginning and take HQ it’ll have been better

    Just think 🤔 why is that you don’t hear 👂 about African nation’s infraction and death despite the leaving conditions the medical equipment everything but the population is doing better that any nation’s just ask yourself why why why

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    We can do what all the protesters do ,, no one is getting Covid that way right ………right

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    they keep contradict themselves all the time this is getting a little ridiculous. first they said only 95 masks then whatever protection you use, then they said that it was very dangerous and then they said 6 ft , i dont know believe this people anymore. All i know is i should get into the mask business since it looks like is going to be here for a while.

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    “Mask up Illinois” while not wearing a mask. 🤦🏻‍♀️ if that is America right there.

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    Hello 😍💋

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    American Bs Corporation

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    That's practically everywhere, at work, doctors office, supermarkets, voting lines, etc. Not good info to hear.

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    Who’s the blonde at 2:48?

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    Covid19 is the biggest scam in history of humanity.Following the money fear control destruction always leads you to the truth..Next scam covid 21 coming….With a big horse vaccine..cure…

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    The human body naturally creates immunity mankind has done so for thousands of years. The human body is creating immunities night and day. Science cannot do what the human body does. People been getting the flu since childhood their immune system grows stronger. This is all a lie. God will expose the Satanic lies and propaganda. Revelation 21 : 8. God promises destruction of wicked liars murdrrers. Thank God for our wonderful immune system it is the only reason mankind is a lie.

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    Gunflint Viking North

    And don't forget how important that we get back the Senate, Moscow Mitch isn't Exactly gonna help to repair this country with a stimulus.

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    filipino taxi driver

    i can’t wait until the real numbers are revealed and we all look back and laugh at this tiring and lame joke

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    They’d be taken seriously if they just came out with “We have no damn idea” since they change their guidelines every week.

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    How do mountain people not social distance 🤣

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    Exposure to viruse triggers the immune system to build antibodies naturally immunizing your body. The fact they refuse to tell basic facts proves this is all baseless lies.

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    Callsign Sleepwalker

    At least Flu is way down..

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    Jessica Scar Allred

    The flu is also the same,close contact. Deaths are actually 9,200 nationwide! Why are u ppl reporting that. STOP YOUR FEAR PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jessica Scar Allred

    Masks don't work!

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    Wear a mask and use hand sanitizer if u want to ,but we're talking about a .01% fatality rate for healthy people under 70 ; there is no comparison to the 2.5% from the spanish flu of 1918. This was supposed to be for 2 weeks and these morons decided to make it 8 months. We destroyed the economy and there no help coming from any of these greedy tyrant mayors, governors and congressional people. Send me that $1200 I've been hearing about for 2 months now. I could really use it right now.

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    They change the rules every 5 seconds 🤦 only proving how fake the pandemic is

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