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CATS – New Trailer

You’re invited to the most joyful event of the holiday season. Watch the new trailer for CATS now. 🐱✨ #CatsMovie


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  1. Avatar

    After seeing the play, I must say that Jason Derulo as Rum Tum sounds weirdly fitting, if that is actually Rum Tum he is playing as

  2. Avatar

    Why is this a reincarnation of the sleep paralysis demons in my nightmares ?

  3. Avatar

    wasted cat cgi that they could put towards a live action Thundercats.

  4. Avatar

    If you want to know what a bad acid trip from the 60s 70s or 80s was like, this is it.


  5. Avatar

    bruh if they made them more animalized and less human I'm sure it would be much better

  6. Avatar

    Did Five Nights at Freddy’s get a musical adaptation?

  7. Avatar

    God said he would never punish the earth again WITH WATER. We thought he meant he would punish us with fire next. Instead we got something much worse, this monstrosity. Please god we are sorry.

  8. Avatar

    Like the stage show…BUT BIGGER CLAWS

  9. Avatar

    1:23-i like that detail. hes at The Drones, "to stop in for for a drink at The Drroonneess!"

  10. Avatar

    Why they dont got cat noses is hella weird but then again so is this

  11. Avatar

    What if they said this movie cats beats avengers endgame in the box office

  12. Avatar

    I really don't see what this has to do with Zero Wing.

  13. Avatar

    I hope Dolittle does better than this.

  14. Avatar

    You know I didn't think they would make a furry movie but here we are 2019

  15. Avatar

    Somehow, this second trailer looks less terrifying to me.

  16. Avatar

    "Furries ruin everything."
    Look man if a furry were behind this project it would either be stage play with makeup or animation, not this fever dream.

  17. Avatar

    What in the fuck is this? And what's up with the horrible costumes?

  18. Avatar

    This is even worse than the old sonic movie

  19. Avatar

    Finally, the furries have decided to come out of the closet.

  20. Avatar

    welp who wants to join me for a drink of chlorine im buying

  21. Avatar

    Fun Fact: This Uncanny Valley film's budget was 300 million dollars. And that costs more than Titanic, Avatar, Inception, Life of Pi, Gravity, and The Jungle Book.

  22. Avatar

    Now I think The Lion King and Sonic is better now.

  23. Avatar

    Furrys are taking it to the next lv

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