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The Fake Sex life of Bella Thorne – BBC News

It’s getting easier than ever to make fake things look real. AI generated deepfake videos that simulate real people into fake situations is growing at an alarming rate. 96 % of these videos are of female celebrities having their likenesses swapped into sexually explicit videos – without their knowledge or …

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Labour MP Lucy Powell: The votes probably are there now for a deal

Lucy Powell, the Labour MP for Manchester Central, tells Sophy Ridge on Sunday “the votes probably are there now for a deal” and that “colleagues are trying to grapple with these very difficult issues”. “I really, really worry about us turning our back on those communities,” she adds of constituencies …

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Michael Gove: We are triggering Operation Yellowhammer

The chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster says today, unusually for a Sunday, he is chairing a cabinet committee meeting to ensure the next stage of exit preparations are accelerated because the vote in parliament yesterday increases the chance of no-deal. He says the government is “triggering Operation Yellowhammer” to …

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All the challenges we will face on Mars

The challenges we will face on Mars will be extensive, so are we really prepared for it? Forty-five years after David Bowie first sang about Life On Mars, a new exhibition at the Design Museum in London is exploring the challenges humans might face if we lived on the Red …

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