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How the Coronavirus Hijacks Your Cells

The virus that causes Covid-19 is so tiny that it can only be viewed through an electron microscope. Scientists have been studying what the virus does to our cells. Here’s what they’ve discovered so far. Video by Vicky Feng #coronavirus #covid #Science ——– Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on …

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Is our brain hard-wired to be optimistic? – BBC REEL

It’s not easy to stay optimistic with everything currently going on in the world. But did you know your brain is actually hard-wired to look on the bright side of life? Cognitive neuroscientist Tali Sharot explains how our ‘optimism bias’ affects our ability to estimate the risks we face and …

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Heart Health Tips For Women

Heart disease is all too prevalent for women – so we want to help you live healthy! We’re meeting up with a cardiologist to see what he recommends women do to minimize their risk for health issues. Living Healthy Chicago is a health and wellness program that airs Saturdays at …

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How Exactly Is the Human Brain Organized?

The human brain remains one of the biggest mysteries in science, but we’ve learned a lot about how it works over the years. In this episode, Patrick breaks down all things brain. » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch more Human! » Visit our shop at In order to get accurate …

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The Hidden Electrical World Inside Your Body

Our bodies rely on an ultrafast nervous system to send impulses very quickly and it all starts with a special cell called the neuron. In this episode, Patrick will explain how these cells tell your body what to do. » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch more Human! » Visit our …

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How To Use Hand Sanitizer

How To Use Hand Sanitizer * If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. * Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can quickly reduce the number of microbes on hands in some situations, but sanitizers do not eliminate all types of germs. * …

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