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8 Things Sharks Do for You Without You Knowing

You scared of sharks? In reality, you have more chances of being struck by lightning than being bitten by a shark. Still, sharks do have a bad rap, even though they’re not as horrible as people think. They’ve even been known to save people! No, really, sharks are amazing! Did …

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That’s Why Cruise Ships Don’t Tip Over

Let’s see what happens to a cruise ship in a bad storm. Can waves sink a cruise ship? Are cruise ships safe and unsinkable? Have you ever wondered why anchors are shaped the same way and why are they effective? Or how ice breakers can go through the ice? Or …

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40 Rare Car Facts Most Drivers Never Heard About

Have you ever wondered what the world’s most favorite car color is? No, it’s not puce. How much of your car is recyclable? Or why does your turn signal make this annoying clicking sound? By the way, did you know that electric cars aren’t a recent invention? In 1900, almost …

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That’s Why Pilots Are Terrified of Drones

So here’s what’s happening. The airport is at a standstill. Hundreds of flights are canceled. Thousands of anxious passengers are crowding near their gates. Some are pacing nervously, others try to calm down crying babies. Airlines are losing thousands of dollars for every hour of the delay. So, who or …

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The Secret Place Where Pilots Sleep While Flying

Say you’re on a long 12-hour flight. You’ll have get some shut-eye, and hopefully when you wake up, it’ll be almost landing time. Have you ever wondered if – and where – your flight attendants and pilot can get some rest too? Cause they need some rest on long flights …

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