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How Touchscreen Works In Simple Words

How do touchscreens work anyway? Johnson was the first to create touchscreen technology, these displays hadn’t gained popularity till the 1970s, when the resistive touchscreen was accidentally invented. Further developing on that new technology, scientists at the University of Toronto invented the first multi-touch display in the 1980s. As for …

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You’re Probably Washing Your Hands Wrong

The best way to avoid getting sick and spread germs to other people is to keep your hands clean. You touch your nose, eyes, and mouth dozens of times a day, often without noticing it. And that’s how germs usually get inside your body. Another sure way to let viruses …

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31 Small Secrets Hidden in Everyday Things

There are so many baffling mysteries in the world. Who lives at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, are we alone in the universe, why do Buffaloes have wings? But there are just as many hidden secrets in everyday objects that surround you. For example, do you know anything about …

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That’s Why So Many Logos Are Red

Have you ever wondered why so many logos are red? From fast food to retail stores. You see red logos everywhere you go. In your smartphones and computers, on building walls, and even beneath your feet. They have invaded every sphere of your life — and you welcomed them. What …

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100+ Little-Known But True Facts About Your Body

Your body is as complex and unexplored as the universe itself. Don’t believe me? What if I told you there was an organ in the body we didn’t know about until 2019? How did that happen? Well, here’s some other incredible things about us, the microcosm. Music by Epidemic Sound …

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8 Things Sharks Do for You Without You Knowing

You scared of sharks? In reality, you have more chances of being struck by lightning than being bitten by a shark. Still, sharks do have a bad rap, even though they’re not as horrible as people think. They’ve even been known to save people! No, really, sharks are amazing! Did …

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