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Catalans protest royal visit by burning poster of Spanish King

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  1. Avatar

    King and queen 👑 crown down with the cabal

  2. Avatar

    King and queen to the prison with El Chapo
    Rats 🐀🐀 corruptas

  3. Avatar

    Elizabeth II, also who voted for her? NOBODY

  4. Avatar

    Blame game politics 😂

  5. Avatar

    Of all the flags they have to pick one that look like Cuba and Puerto rico

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    long life to the king! 😠

  8. Avatar

    Not a surprise So much Hypocrisy wanting to keep all their scandals behind closed doors. Not only Spain. Britain Andrew Involved with pedophile dead. Epstein but his long time society friend Guislain Maxwell has been in the game for years all the social ' IN people Parties' where pretty young girls were available for 'Partying '!. It is a fact with many celebrated hostesses. An accepted situation.. CATALONIA SHOULD HAVE BEEN FREE WHEN PHILIPE TOOK OVER HE CONTINUED LIKE HIS FATHER.

  9. Avatar

    speak Spanish please.

  10. Avatar

    Could happen anywhere in Spain. Not just catalans want the monarchy gone.

  11. Avatar
    sayam Abu sadat md

    If you even dream to burn of queen of Bangladesh photo then they will burn you alive and that is true.

  12. Avatar

    Why don’t they like the King?

  13. Avatar

    Ustedes amigos catalanes parecen los del medio Oriente con sus actos tan incuerentes.

  14. Avatar
    V8 Juice & WINE is Disgusting


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