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Castro questions Biden's memory during third Democrat debate

In one of the sharpest skirmishes of the evening, former housing and urban development secretary Julián Castro alluded to voter concerns about former vice-president Joe Biden’s age. If elected, Biden would be the oldest first-term president at 78.
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  1. Avatar

    “We learn from history that we do not learn from history”

    ~Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

  2. Avatar

    Democrats are America's worst enemy…

  3. Avatar

    …and that was the last time that anyone ever heard of Castro.

  4. Avatar

    How will the Guardian be able to continue putting out articles on word gaffes from Trump when Biden is even worse?

  5. Avatar

    I like to see here that Bernie helping Biden (whisper each other).

  6. Avatar

    Only guardian viewers understand this so I Wont comment. Let tarquin and Quentin comment

  7. Avatar

    He may be right about Biden's memory. But it lacks class & is cheap point scoring.

  8. Avatar

    Oooooo what a slam dunk. I mean it would be more productive for guardian to actually post a clip with some substance to it about ohh I don’t know maybe the candidates proposed legislation🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ but still slammin

  9. Avatar

    Why your memories can't be trusted ►

  10. Avatar

    Should've been Tulsi up there.

  11. Avatar

    Hey Castro, what about "doxing" Biden now?

  12. Avatar

    No one within the Democrat establishment have learnt that people don't want the same as last time, they want different, they want better.

  13. Avatar

    The funny part is when Bernie Sanders has to lean in and remind Joe Biden what he had just said…Joe is Bernie's friend.

  14. Avatar

    It's sad to see so much time and energy spent on arguing about such small details. Reality is that none of this is going to happen because the repulicans will engage in severe obstructionism within the Senate even if they loose the white house.

  15. Avatar

    AGE-ISM is alive and well in the Democratic clown party.

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