Home / Sports / Caster Semenya loses landmark case against IAAF over testosterone levels, Cas rules

Caster Semenya loses landmark case against IAAF over testosterone levels, Cas rules

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  1. Avatar

    A good decision – this will give a level playing field for all the athletes.

  2. Avatar

    Now take away his records; and all first places, giving them to the first woman in the race.

  3. Avatar
    Pieter La Grange

    Level playing field for all. Thank you

  4. Avatar
    Tshwanelo Raborife

    Team Caster ✊🏿…

  5. Avatar
    Tlhalefo Leshomo

    level of playing field for whites….

  6. Avatar

    Video start at 3:29

  7. Avatar

    If I understood correctly, the DSD regulation applies only to events 400-1500m but not 100, 200m? Doesn't make sense.

  8. Avatar

    I am amazed that sanity prevailed. Thank you CAS for restoring at least some of my faith in the world.

  9. Avatar
    Mysterious lady

    A little lesson in body anatomy:
    Males have typical wide shoulders( 3 heads length) while females have 2 and a
    half, Males have longer ring finger due to exposure to testosterone in the
    womb(98% of them), they have a noticeable adam's apple, bigger skull than
    females, they have eyebrows' ridge, their backs do not have a slight curve
    unlike females(for childbearing purposes), they have larger feet and wrists
    than females, males have sharper and more angular facial bone structure. Just
    look at that shoulder to hips ratio..lol. Now take a good look at that
    so-called female "Semenya" and you will note just how
    "female" he really is. It's a fraud and has been going on for years
    now. Biological males passing off as females in sports meant for women only.
    This does not only concern Semenya but so many others. The deception and the
    rabbit hole goes so deep……..

  10. Avatar

    thank you so much CAS

  11. Avatar
    Truth not opinion

    What would our ancestors make of us debating weather it was fair for men to race women? We have become a joke!

  12. Avatar
    Truth not opinion

    The same people that claim science makes a case for global warming ignore the science that proves there are only two genders!

  13. Avatar

    Women rejoice world wide. They wont dare say it, but we will.

  14. Avatar

    The same science who say gay are born like that we all know they choose the wrong way like alcoholic murder thief

  15. Avatar

    Let a female take over dis male.

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