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Caster Semenya: I have high testosterone, so what?

The double Olympic champion Caster Semenya’s battle with the athletics authorities rolls on as she continues to fight an IAAF regulation that would make her take testosterone-lowering medication. The South African athlete will not be able to defend her 800-metres title in September after the Swiss Federal Tribunal reversed a ruling that temporarily lifted testosterone regulations imposed against her. Speaking at a press conference in Johannesburg the 28-year-old said that ‘when you’re the best in the world, people get obsessed’.
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  1. Avatar

    No no no, not like that Semenya

  2. Avatar

    So why do we separate male and female athletes in the first place if we're supposed to ignore your physique

  3. Avatar

    Caster Semenya blocked from competing at world championship ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jul/30/caster-semenya-blocked-defending-800-metres-title-athletics-world-championships

  4. Avatar

    You have the body of a biological male—so what????

  5. Avatar
    Don't be so emotional mate

    Those people feel so entitled , selfish and arrogant !
    Cheater that's all you will be ..

  6. Avatar

    She's beautiful, courageous, Intelligent, excellent athlete and an amazing human being. Haters are losers going nowhere in life as Caster continues being the winner she is.

  7. Avatar

    The person in this video is a MAN!!!!

  8. Avatar

    He sounds and looks manlier than me.

  9. Avatar

    Caster is quite simply cheating he should be running against Men

  10. Avatar

    Oh, your high testosterone doesn't help you? Prove it. Lower it to female levels and let's see how well you do.

  11. Avatar

    So what? Your a man, acting like a woman. Shut up and accept what you are biologically. Stop these lies with your self

  12. Avatar

    You're a guy?..

  13. Avatar

    "When you're the best in the world.."
    Yeah Caster..
    In the cheating game, you're at the top of the list

  14. Avatar

    his words doesnt make any sense. I cant see any logic.

  15. Avatar

    she boy everywhere expect one spot

  16. Avatar

    Even his name…Semen OMG its a dude

  17. Avatar

    she is a man, end of story.

  18. Avatar

    So what? … You should return your medals. Female athletes should stop competing as there is a biological obvious, evident and massive clear 'hormonal advantage' and if you have any doubt, please ask a child.

  19. Avatar

    So what? Testosterone makes you stronger and allows you to have more endurance. That's "so what". It's simple science.

  20. Avatar

    Messi is cheater, He use HGH or testosterone. Semenya is't cheater if She dont use doping.

  21. Avatar

    A lot of ignorance in these comments, people should read more about endocrinology before judging her.

  22. Avatar

    You have an XY chromosome. End of story

  23. Avatar

    I find the solution of taking testosterone lowering medication completely insufficient. Castor will still have the advantages of lifelong male testosterone levels as well as male muscle and build.

  24. Avatar

    Caster semenya: I have high testosteron, so what?! The Answer is : You are a man but competing in woman category

  25. Avatar

    This dude doesn’t even give a f*ck. He’s just tryna take advantage of the situation

  26. Avatar

    Wtf.Why tf she is blocked?!Die miserable and stupid people!

  27. Avatar

    I literally tried so hard to make sense of what she/he was saying

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