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Canadian ministers condemn ‘disgusting’ attacks on Mi’kmaq fisheries | FULL

Liberal cabinet ministers on Monday condemned the “disgusting” violence against Mi’kmaq fishing compounds in Nova Scotia and vowed to protect their treaty right to fish for a “moderate livelihood” that has become the focus of mob attacks from non-Indigenous fishers.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair made a plea to the public for anyone with video or information about the threats being made against Mi’kmaq fishers or the violence on their fishing compounds to come forward, saying “I want all Canadians to know we are taking these threats and the violence that has taken place very seriously.”

Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller vowed the government will uphold the right of the Mi’kmaq to fish for a “moderate livelihood,” which was recognized by the Supreme Court’s 1999 Marshall decision, but never formally defined.

Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan also said the work to define that is underway but said federal officials and Indigenous communities need space and peace to be able to work towards a shared definition of that.

The increased attention from Ottawa comes after a lobster pound that stored the catch of Mi’kmaq fishers burned to the ground on Saturday morning. A man described as a person of interest in the blaze is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The Mounties have made two arrests in relation to other incidents linked to the dispute, charging one man with assault against a local Indigenous chief and charging another with arson for allegedly burning a vehicle.

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  1. Avatar

    The speaking start at 10:30 mark

  2. Avatar

    But it's ok the let hundreds of fisherman that pay for boats and licences to be out fished and undersold. Unfair competition for market. STOP VOTING LIBERAL

  3. Avatar

    People just need to quit being racists. It’s wrong. We’re all human beings. Don’t listen to the rhetoric coming from down south. We’re Canadians. We’re better than that. We’re diverse. That’s good. May we all look upon each other with warm hearts. That’s how we beat all of this horrible energy that is 2020. Warmth in our hearts. Canadians all need to love one another.

  4. Avatar

    Stand up to these Natives!! Equal Rights for all people in Canada!!! Strong Arm tactics should lead to long jail sentences! Taxes for all!! Fishing rules Apply to all!! a 300 year old treaty needs to be ripped up!!

  5. Avatar

    Guess Blair will ban fire now?

  6. Avatar
    Nothing To See Here

    I condemn the Canadian ministers for ignoring the Mikmaq abuse and destruction of the lobster population. Their treaties never allowed for that, and no responsible person would ever do it.
    One law for all people. The Mikmaq are the aggressors, and need to be stopped before they destroy the industry for everyone, including their own.

  7. Avatar

    Rules for all or no rules at all. No one is above another

  8. Avatar

    Make disgusting rules that allow for partiality, expect disgusting results.

  9. Avatar

    nice racism there global aka 'mobs'
    what's next? "deplorables"
    BOYCOTT FNMI fisheries

  10. Avatar
    The Canada First Party

    the Liberals Government's CORRUPT French Run Fisheries Contracts ARE THE PROBLEM That never went away .
    ONE SET OF RULES FOR EVERYONE BORN IN CANADA is where this needs to go .

  11. Avatar

    Listen to Canadaland's podcast re this settler terrorism…. guess what… it's about money


  12. Avatar

    I'm Asian today, but if I identify as First Nations tomorrow, can I fish all year round too?

  13. Avatar

    Most Canadians condemn disgusting policies from the liberals!

  14. Avatar

    End The Privileges

  15. Avatar

    Hiy hiy.lets hope this applies to all nations through Canada.i am a first nation band member in alberta

  16. Avatar
    Royal Canadian Moose

    This is what happens when you create a tier system of people based on their birthright.

    The only thing I find disgusting is how there are rules for one group of people and rules for another. You either have one rule of law or no law at all.

  17. Avatar

    "That all Disputes whatsoever that may happen to arise between the Indians now at Peace, and others His Majesty's Subjects in this Province shall be tryed in His Majesty's Courts of Civil Judicature, where the Indians shall have the SAME benefit, Advantages and Priviledges, as any others of His Majesty's Subjects."

  18. Avatar

    Its not a DISPUTE

    It’s a HATE CRIME

  19. Avatar

    Minister Jordan just uttered empty words. It's been over 20 years… trust has eroded and concrete action is required.

  20. Avatar

    ليكن في علم الكونغريس والغرب كله .سبب هجوم الشعوب العربية على البلدان الاوروبية والهجرات الجماعية للشعوب العربية الى اوروبا السبب في هذا كله هم حكام ورؤساء العرب ومسؤوليهم الظالمين الذي ضيعوا الشعوب العربية في حقوقهم وحياتهم .فالمرجو من الكونغريس والغرب كله ان يوبخوا الحكام العرب ورؤساء والمسؤولين انهم لا يحكمهم احد انهم ظالمين لا يعترفون بالقوانين السماوية ولا الالاهية انهم قتلة وظالمين لشعوب العربية .فالشعوب العربية تلتمس منكم ان يمسكو قبضتكم عليهم وتشرعون لهم ما يجب عليهم ان يفعلوه مع الشعوب العربية .وتفرضون على حكام العرب ان يعطوا الحقوق للشعوب العربية والحياة الكريمة كي تحدو من كثرة الهجرة السرية .وان تفرضوا عليهم ثمن كفالة كل مهاجر سري عربي يعيش في الغرب كله .على الكونغريس ان يأمر حكام العرب بأنه اذا وجدنا اي مهاجر سري في ارض الغرب فستتكفل بحاته بلده وستؤدي بلده خمسة وعشرين دولار يوميا لمواطنه غير الشرعي وجدناه في اوروبا او امريكا او الغرب كله.الرئيس الامريكي الجديد سيكون صارما بتعامله مع حكام العرب وتأذيبهم ويجعلهم يعطون حقوق الشعوب العربية بالقانون الدولي الجديد زمان السيبة والظلم ولى يا حكام العرب اللصوص ويل لكم من رئيس امريكا الجديد حتى الشياطين تخاف منه لن تستطيعوا الوقوف امامه يا حكام العرب وحتى من نوابكم سيسقطون امامه من شدة الخوف والرعب.وسيفرض عليهم عدم اعتقال المظلومين والمعارضين للظلم

  21. Avatar

    You know something ain't right when you read mikmaw can't buy gear to earn a living. You don't want natives homeless on city streets.. but when they have businesses with their own native way of life you cry foul. They barely bring in 9% of annual commercial catch ! Someone is lying.

  22. Avatar

    Nova Scotia is run by people that don't care about anyone but who is benifical to them.. So racist here. Anyone not living here google Africville. And that's a, small part. Indigenous people where here and owned this land long before it was stolen. How do they have to keep asking to do anything on lands that by history should still belong to them

  23. Avatar

    Enough with dumping on First Nations…they have been brutalized since whites arrived on this continent. ENOUGH! Give them the rights that belong to them! Give them the life they deserve!

  24. Avatar

    Man I’m craving surf and turf for dinner now! 🦞🥩

  25. Avatar

    The Marshall law was only pass because of the liberal government and the first 2 times it went to court it was kick out and the 3rd time it was going to be but the liberal government told them to pass it because the primister John John Gretchen had a affair with a native women and had kids .2 of the Supreme Court judges who sat on it said the reason they retired was because so liberal government to go ahead and pass it even though they know it's not right and it's time for this liberal government and the one back in the late 90s for everybody to vote them out they don't blind in power is there a weak government the week is coming in the world and we have the worst prime minister ever

  26. Avatar

    As a white man I never took anything from natives. I was never given any land, I was never given a home, i was never given money. In fact my gov makes discriminatory laws against me based on race. My grandfather served in WW2 sometimes i wonder why. As a white man I can't even collect on mineral rights from land if i was to buy some. This gov does not represent me like at all. When they virtue signal about white people of the past they should look in the mirror because no matter what color they perpetrate them selves as the gov is responsible not me. Even though they try to racially throw people under the bus when it serves them to do so. If Natives and black people want to overthrow the gov go ahead no skin off my back.

  27. Avatar
    Patrick Debellefeuille

    Words are cheap, wheres your actions?!

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