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Canadian government facing pressure to intervene in Indigenous rights disputes

The Canadian government is facing pressure to intervene in two separate disputes over Indigenous rights in Nova Scotia and Ontario. Mike Drolet digs into the history of the conflicts, and the efforts to end them.

In Caledonia,

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  1. Avatar
    shadowbanned bycbcctv

    Shut off the money.

  2. Avatar

    How much more?

  3. Avatar

    this is costing my tax money

  4. Avatar

    Indigenous privilege

  5. Avatar

    the indians get special treatment. well you cant b equal and special at the same time. it just doesnt work.

  6. Avatar
    KelleyDon Patterson

    Which tribes are challenging the gov.

  7. Avatar

    It's simple,the land, all of it belongs to Canada,not the natives.This is 2020 not 1720.There should be no special treatment for anyone in this country as we are all equal under the law.The natives always want special treatment but refuse to pay taxes or follow Canada's laws.

  8. Avatar

    No solution. Democracy is about trying to please the minority and all parties. That is almost impossible to accomplish sometimes.

  9. Avatar

    Why no arrests? A power pole lit on fire, roads torn up, police car demolished etc. If I lit a power pole on fire on my street what do you think would happen? Stop this weak leadership and start enforcing the rule of law. I don't care if you are jesus with a halo, you shouldn't get away with destroying public utilities.

  10. Avatar

    HEY all buses mater ?

  11. Avatar
    Shawn michael Mckay

    OK! Your ancestors constitution is not much younger than some treaties. Does anyone whine about a constitution so old as the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms and that maybe the time has come to give all the land back to the natives? After all , it' a very old constitution. Why should it matter now???

  12. Avatar
    Marpole Motorized

    Justin Trudeau's lobotomy matters

  13. Avatar

    This lawlessness is only going to end up with pushback and these radical activists are going to take their communities DOWN together with them.

  14. Avatar

    😢😢😢😢 hate to see Native ppl screwed like this

  15. Avatar

    They lost the war. Bulldoze them back to the rez.

  16. Avatar

    Sure they could have prevented things from escalating in the first place. Obviously the Natives don't trust people who lie to them or cops that do nothing about vandalism.

  17. Avatar

    Its time to get old school

  18. Avatar

    Abolish the indian act. Welcome to society.

  19. Avatar
    Royal Canadian Moose

    You can't have different rules and taxes applied based on birthright…

    You essentially create two classes of people and this always ends badly for everyone.

  20. Avatar
    Not Entirely Apathetic

    Let’s hand all control to our First Nations population and see what happens. It could be fun. Has anyone read lord of the flies?

  21. Avatar

    Here we go again…. Canadians don't care anymore.

  22. Avatar

    Jail the blockaders

  23. Avatar

    A Canadian is a Canadian. Trudeau said.
    Munk debate. I guess that’s nonsense. Don’t give up your guns. You might need them.

  24. Avatar

    The colonization never ends . Canada is the biggest colonizer in modern day. Alot of the forest devastation happened in the Amazon is due to Canada's mining companies like Belo Sun

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