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Canadian detainees Spavor and Kovrig granted consular access

Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were granted consular access for the first time since January. Spavor was allowed virtual contact with Canada’s ambassador to China on Friday and Kovrig was allowed the same contact on Saturday.

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  1. Avatar

    Canada is very soft reaction to 🇨🇳 🦠 Canadian politicians they don’t have back spine.

  2. Avatar

    You mean hostage negotiation

  3. Avatar

    Why wait for monthly salaries when you can make more than $30,000 in less than a month….

  4. Avatar

    Trump to the rescue!

  5. Avatar

    Canadians want an election no more minority dictatorship

  6. Avatar

    The Chinese government needs to move forward to evolve so it can sustain its people…

  7. Avatar

    Face the true facts:Canada WRONGFUL arrested Ming Wanzhou at the word of US.Then China the arrested 2 Michaels. CANADA needs to make the first move realising MG, instead of blaming CHINA like a US PARROT.

  8. Avatar

    China is walking all over the spineless Canadian government. Its laughably naive to trust China and Trudeau's government is doing just that again and again and again. After the throne speech it looks like there will be no coalition so when the conservatives win I'm hopeful that an O'Toole government will have a harder stance on China.

  9. Avatar

    So Canada has at least one 'man' willing to stand up for these two Canadian men.

  10. Avatar

    We should NEVER trust the US . Canada needs to move away from US dependancy

  11. Avatar

    It’s tit-for-tat, just do the exchange without hesitation & behest of US

  12. Avatar

    Its time for Canada to stand up to a real dictator not the imaginary one(jackass) next door.

  13. Avatar

    I think Canada is best to merge with the US .
    China dares to detain Canadians for months or years , do they dare to this to the US?

  14. Avatar

    There Canadian spies they know the risk. Sorry CFO of Chinese cell phone company must be released.

  15. Avatar

    China is Trudeau's friend. He said he admires their dictatorship. Let that sink in for a minute.

  16. Avatar

    Canada must demand that all imported products must meet the environmental standards that Canadian manufacturers must adhere to. Any products manufactured in a country with inferior environmental standards should have a non-tariff environmental levy & those funds collected should then be used for green initiatives in Canada or with developing countries utilizing Canadian services & products.

  17. Avatar

    Although Chinese actions have been clear is a way of saying " if you drop this so will we" they do have the road they are building, and are having difficulties with Taiwan and India, they do have a consular concierge to uphold to not look the same as the American Leader attempting to wear Superman outfits, which is a Canadian idea anyways. Canada is a middle power country and why bully a middle power, when there's things you can build upon within your own countries. Spring Michael Sparvor and Michael Kovrig, you can do better than this.

  18. Avatar

    Its the beginning downfall of five eyes english nations, either you like it or not

  19. Avatar

    Canada puppy, why release those two Michael’s ?

  20. Avatar

    China a horrible place to be…

  21. Avatar

    How about kicking out the asian troops in prince rupert and stanley park why are they here ?

  22. Avatar

    What about julian asange where canadas voice there .

  23. Avatar

    Can someone tell me why is Meng still held in Canada? She should be in the US by now is American wants her. Yet she is still here after such a long time and causing tension between Canada and China. It should be a American problem, not Canadian.

  24. Avatar

    send her to USA

  25. Avatar

    Note to their families, of course they are spies. China knows who everyone is, where they are and what they are doing. China knew exactly what they were doing when they arrested these 2, these were not random arrests.

  26. Avatar

    China is afraid of the charges against ONE woman? So afraid they falsely charge TWO Canadians? If Meng is innocent, as they claim, WHY are they so chicken? Do they think this makes them (China) somehow look stronger or more menacing? Gads, they (China) is still so out of touch with reality; it's almost as funny as the circus in the US! I guess Xi Jinping really admires Donald du… I mean Trump, even after the put-downs…

    😷 or ☠️, you choose…

  27. Avatar

    what was mang wang joe's crime?

  28. Avatar

    Meng Wanzhou has been living in luxury in her Vancouver home under House Arrest while the Chinese government has been keeping the two Michaels in their hell-hole prisons.

  29. Avatar

    Like supposedly Technically competent PRC Technicians couldn't have set up virtual access to the 2 Canadian months ago. Canada should tell the PRC that they have 72 hrs to provide good detention conditions to the 2 Michaels or Ms. Meng Wanzhou will be treated the same in Canada. Yes we have Civil rights in Canada but Ms. Meng Wanzhou is a Chinese Tourist.

  30. Avatar

    You are guessing. China said they would allow them consular service when the pandemic was under control,,,,,,,so now it is under control in China,,,,,,guess what?. That means they get consular service. They have also had telephone call with wife. They soon may face spy charges, if they lose, long time in jail. All countries treat spies harshly.

  31. Avatar

    Stop all Chinese imports
    Canadian made only

  32. Avatar

    Can CBC stop blocking the comment?

  33. Avatar

    Stop the BS put Meng in prison and the royal treatment she is getting

  34. Avatar

    This entire episode is ridiculous. Release her and tell the US to go to hell. They've had 2 years to get something done. Enough is enough.

  35. Avatar

    the terrorists must be in jail. Period!

  36. Avatar

    Moral of story : don't traffic drugs kids …

  37. Avatar

    Hang those spies.

  38. Avatar

    What was the price for such a selfless act from China?

  39. Avatar

    9 months without any contact!! Yet Meng is free to go about her business & homes. She just can't leave the country.

  40. Avatar

    When can we open the court in Canada? Lockdown again starting today

  41. Avatar

    Canada will NEVER bully; instead follow common sense, common courtesy, and integrity, but we will NEVER forgive those that insist on bullying us. Learn our brief history and beware.

    加拿大永遠不會欺負; 取而代之的是遵循常識,共同的禮貌和正直,但我們絕不會原諒那些堅持欺負我們的人。 了解我們的簡短歷史並當心。

    Jiānádà yǒngyuǎn bù huì qīfù; qǔ'érdàizhī dì shì zūnxún chángshì, gòngtóng de lǐmào hé zhèngzhí, dàn wǒmen jué bù huì yuánliàng nàxiē jiānchí qīfù wǒmen de rén. Liǎojiě wǒmen de jiǎnduǎn lìshǐ bìng dāngxīn.

  42. Avatar
    True North Strong and Free

    Apologizing and “owning” the Chinese coronavirus Pandemic would go a long way to help mend the hatred the world feels towards China! …1,080,602 world deaths to date (Oct. 11th). We will never forget the lies and lack of transparency from China that got us here!

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