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Canadian companies join Facebook ad boycott

Several Canadian companies, including Vancouver-based Lululemon Athletica Inc. and Mountain Equipment Co-op, are joining a chorus of businesses calling on Facebook to do more to combat hate speech on its platform.

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  1. Avatar

    Next step, YouTube 🙂

  2. Avatar

    What terrible companies

  3. Avatar

    Can't stop free speech not everybody agrees with protesting

  4. Avatar

    Lol how bout we blow up Facebook headquarters instead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Avatar

    I love being told what I can and cannot say by transnational mega corporations, I know they have my best interest at heart.

  6. Avatar

    More companies to boycott.

  7. Avatar

    Facebook is so full of BS just SUCKERberg they dont deserve any adds on there

  8. Avatar

    So you can have your clothes and apparel made in jurisdictions with no human rights, but you get applauded for jumping on a bandwagon.

  9. Avatar

    Who cares about hate speech.. get rid of the liars like Shaun King hes a dumbass biggest liar

  10. Avatar

    So we are joining in Censorship..yay

  11. Avatar

    Shame on the press for advocating for Censorship

  12. Avatar

    They want to censor conservative speech just like YouTube and Twitter. Repeal Section 230 if they want to become publishers and they can be sued into extinction. Free speech for everyone.

  13. Avatar
    East Coast Canadian

    Hahaha “peaceful protests”

  14. Avatar

    India banned 59 major apps including TikTok.. isn't it great? Ministry of Home Affairs released the notification states that these apps were dangerous for security, defense and sovereignty of the Country.. all other countries should follow the suit.

  15. Avatar

    no one cares

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    Facebook is not an effective platform to put your ads

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    such obvious garbage from cbc

  20. Avatar

    Everyone should do it for a month. Facebook would pay attention then.

  21. Avatar

    Hate speech? Protests? FB is well known for filtering content….look up Woke Movement….look up why the CHAZ or CHOP zone in Washington State…..FB does need to stop being the hall monitor…most of us know….bs…..bad press? bad advertising platforms? Destruction of public property? Statues? The movement is very powerful….don't be fooled….

  22. Avatar

    Too many hermits in the comments

  23. Avatar

    No one under 30 watches tv. Their only advertising platform choices are FB/Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. They're pretty much guaranteeing no one sees their ads any more

  24. Avatar

    Does Yahoo hire any males?

  25. Avatar

    We can all do our part and delete our accounts because if we truly want change we have to work together and force these powerful white men that they have to eliminate the hate and lies they are intentionally spreading that are hurting the rest of us and one way is to hit them where it hurts…

  26. Avatar

    My gosh this was gossip with a clip of Zuck in the middle

  27. Avatar

    and wtf decides what it is what they claim it is and what is not….food for thoughts people, food for thoughts. I see clever comments already..are you sure? That is an attack on YOUR free speech by BIG CORP. They will rule you

  28. Avatar

    Facebook offered me a China style offer i call bribery to put a covid19 add information post on my page and they would bring me more exposure to my page ??

  29. Avatar

    Why don't all vote on Facebook.🌍all on Facebook anyway. With oversite

  30. Avatar

    All these companies use slave labor and cheap overseas shops. Left is all I've Fast book . Liberalism is dying out. CBC and there pro-liberal promotion Has adds every day.

  31. Avatar
    Christ Is The Power

    MEC is owned buy the people how can they speak for all its members. MEC is not speaking for me. Facebook is a great way to find family members. I WILL BOYCOTT MEC now for speaking for all of us. These companies are attempting to silence freedom of speech

  32. Avatar

    canada has corporations ?

  33. Avatar

    good and bad here. sounds like a good excuse to suppress opposing views on certain topics simply because the comments section gets unruley. get ready for more free speech to be suppressed and cleansed to FBs liking.

  34. Avatar

    About time. !!! We as customers need to stop buying from Amazon!!!! It’s easy.

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