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Canada to ban single-use plastics, including bags, straws, in 2021

A national ban on single-use plastics coming into effect next year will include plastic grocery bags, straws, stir sticks, cutlery, takeout containers and six-pack rings. 

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  1. Avatar

    What s happening with the 2 billion given to clean the oil wells in Alta?

  2. Avatar

    How about we get rid of politicians they are useless waste. Who is anyone to tell me how many times i use a bag. 2bit tools!

  3. Avatar

    What do you all put in your trash bins? Do I buy garbage bags now?

  4. Avatar

    so milk is going back to glass jars?

  5. Avatar

    A bill will be withdrawn for sure… no better alternative to plastic bags so far, the most radical moves were ended in failure

  6. Avatar

    Eh, wait about 20-30 years until a new generation discovers trees are being cut for paper bags and then we will be back to plastic.

  7. Avatar

    The companies should stop making any black containers because they won't be accepted for recycle garbage.

  8. Avatar

    time to ban the federal libs..

  9. Avatar
    ninja cheese0315

    Woo HOOOO!!!!! Finallyyyy!!!!

  10. Avatar

    By 2021, Canadian money will be so worthless we won't even be able to afford things that come in single use plastics….

  11. Avatar

    In that case, the Liberals will lose the election before then for sure

  12. Avatar

    Time to hoard plastic forks and knives

  13. Avatar

    I love it when my country attacks the real issues head on. Lol…what a joke.

  14. Avatar

    Are people in apt's, condo's, nursing homes suppose to use paper bags that tear & break when it contains wet remains? There is no way that will work with garbage chute either.

  15. Avatar

    Lets force all the tim Hortons drinkers to use refillable covid transmission cups, ah but let's make them all wear plastic gloves and face shield too, take that plastic lids we are coming for you

  16. Avatar

    So how do hospitals seal their equipment from now on?

  17. Avatar

    Have they ever seen a paper factory they are disgusting more pollution then plastic and most of the paper replacements to plastic are not biodegradable I’m all for cleaning the environment but they need too consider a better alternative to plastic

  18. Avatar
    Alisa Dawn P West

    AMAZING!…… However 30+% of canada plastic recicling is iligaly sold to indonisa and burned so…. maybe stop doing that?

  19. Avatar

    Now how about the oil sands….

  20. Avatar
    Seyed Mostafa Soozandehfar

    A serious decision must also be made to prevent the production and increase of microplastics as this is our company's duty( Green Water Planet)

  21. Avatar

    Better late than never. Good move canada

  22. Avatar

    The population is ready Ya bring it on ,our young generation know all about it ,let's do it for them. I approve this message.

  23. Avatar

    Not worth at all without plastic too macy.still is stay on earth.

  24. Avatar
    Daniel Continisio

    How am I going to drink my ice cap now

  25. Avatar

    Don't need to ban plastic bags. There is such a thing as biodegradable plastic. Let's ban regular plastic and make companies manufacture only biodegradable plastics. At least for single use items. And stores used to give you bags as part of the service. Now I have to buy them because they want to discourage us from using them? More like another money grab. Go biodegradable and give us free bags again. The tech's been there for years, and now it actually works. Why aren't we using it? Fix stuff if there's a problem with it. Stop taking stuff away from us.

  26. Avatar

    Not sure I understand how the government expects restaurants to manage without plastic cutlery. Since much of restaurants income is currently from takeout and delivery orders, are they expected to send metal cutlery with delivery orders, and if so, will people be throwing out a lot of metal cutlery since they get more every time they order takeout or delivery?

  27. Avatar

    This means that I have to stock up now until they ban them. I do not cook and I always buy my lunch in the way to work. Obviously I need plastic bags, I can't put food directly into my backpack.

  28. Avatar

    0:56 my whole life changed because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  29. Avatar

    Plastic checkout bags have multiple uses.

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