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Canada suspends arms export permits to Turkey

Canada is suspending the export of sophisticated drone technology to Turkey while Ottawa investigates claims that it is being used by the Azerbaijani military against Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh.
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  1. Avatar

    The hypocrisy is real. Blocking military equipment to a NATO ally and helping the Armenians who are backed by the Russians? What? And could this interview be more biased? CBC needs to at least to be non-partisan, or did they get lobbied by the Armenians too?

  2. Avatar

    Also put economic tarrifs

  3. Avatar

    Heyy, Let him Speak :), don't show your clear side 🙂

  4. Avatar

    He's a pretty good and tough spokesperson… But honestly who believes Turkey when it comes to anything Armenian-related anyways?

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    The arrogant representation of killer Erdogan and his baby killer brother Azerbaijan. Stop mourduros Erdogan. Stop murdurous Aliev

  7. Avatar

    It wasn’t journalists perspective it was one sided interview. So after saying that Azerbaijan have 1 million refugees she says that’s your side of story. These are facts and the fact that UN called on Armenia to remove its military is not that convincing because Macron’s words apparently is more important than UN resolution. It’s disgusting.
    Canada did big mistake waking away from a billion dollar contract because of some pressure from Armenian lobby. I guess pleasing small group of Armenian voters is more important that financial well being of Canadians

  8. Avatar
    Gizkhanim Jafarova

    Thank you Ambassador for speaking up the truth, it mean a lot to us Azerbaijanis. Meanwhile, while he was giving solid arguments this girl without any knowledge kept saying it's your opinion. Journalists are meant to speak with facts, aren't they?! We have proof that more than 100 years ago France has officially recognized Karabagh as part of Azerbaijan. Apparently CBC is heavily corrupted and biased!!!!

  9. Avatar

    The land belongs to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan has every rights to get back its land that has been illegally occupied.

  10. Avatar

    Great interview. She really took this diplomat to task. Hopefully this policy will be enacted & maintained. Turkey is ruled by Erdogan, a known dictator & bad actors on the world stage. Turkey will probably turn to the USA or the Russians to buy whatever they need to participate in the slaughter in regions they have no business being there.

  11. Avatar

    “…I’m not an expert in this conflict…”

    What a douche.

  12. Avatar

    Turkey war criminals should not be sold any weapons!

  13. Avatar

    God bless Armenia! 🇦🇲🇨🇦🇦🇲🇨🇦🇦🇲🇨🇦🇦🇲🇨🇦

  14. Avatar
    Tugba Basaran Akmazoglu

    what kind of a journalism is that? such a biased, aggressive approach and attitude, so unprepared and common talk. And she has no idea what she is talking about. She wouldnt even listen to the UN resolutions and other proof of facts.. CBC should warn this lady. and kudos to the ambassador. he spoke so patiently and respectfully despite all hostile attacks. I wonder if this is about her Greek roots and Armenian ally friends. Whatever it is, this is not the right place to expose her real personality. She should have acted professionally. What a shame..

  15. Avatar

    She is strong and professional !! Thank you! Karabakh was historically an Armenian land! It’s not a war about several villages. You are just trying to continue Armenian genocide!!! People, just google Armenian Genocide 1915

  16. Avatar

    Thanks Mr Ambassador for pointing the UN resolutions for returning our own lands back to Azerbaijan. It seems the reporter is biased. I wonder how much bias is against an pro-Armenian interviewee. The facts are there. But instead the reporter like to focus on so called allegations by President Macron. Azerbaijan has been trying to negotiate for years – 30 years. What changed? Armenia's PM decided to ignore all the international laws and not negotiate. And now seeking negotiation when things not going their way.

  17. Avatar
    amir hessam Rezaei

    This reporter is extremely rude and unprofessional coming from an unbiased viewer

  18. Avatar
    `1nfamous Soldier

    Nato allies in-fighting. Why did Nato allow Turkey in

  19. Avatar

    Vassi is a Douchy

  20. Avatar
    Asher Dorock Hazard

    We appreciate for the suspension. Last time Donald Trump did the same. And now Turkey is able to build its own Killer Drones, Helicopters, Missiles and anti aircraft weapons.

  21. Avatar

    Turkey is the aggressor.
    The leader is a total sociopath.

  22. Avatar
    Alice Momjian-Ravary

    This brainless robot lies every time he breaths! Why should anyone believe these two genocidal nations…?!

  23. Avatar

    It’s such much hypocrite and hypocrisy.
    No Canadian condemned or suspension:
    Saudi Bombing Yemen ok
    France fighting planes bombing in Libya ok
    Israel bombing every where- ok

    Canada’s solidarity is all about “Christian” solidarity with Armenia

  24. Avatar
    Marcin Kiersnowski

    Very good. It’s a start.

  25. Avatar

    Send her bk to kindergarten. Oh what a pain.

  26. Avatar

    Turkey exploiting NATO to do whatever they want.

  27. Avatar

    Hey dear commentors, you may not realize but the last time some countries decided to not sell stuff to Turkish Republic (10 years ago or so), they went ahead and produced their own, thus Turkish drones are some of the best in the world right now. I think the ambassador should have thanked this biased reporter. ✈🛰

  28. Avatar

    Finally, now stop exporting to Saudi Arabia too.

  29. Avatar

    She is like whatever he says is personal or his views and what she says stands up there tho he was showing documents of proof. Lol 😂

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